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Boo yeah

Today I headed over to Coventry to do a talk for the brand new undergraduates on a multimedia and creative computing course. It was their first day today and it was decided they should be plonked in front of me for an hour, poor bastards. I gave them my opensource cool talk, and it went […]

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I just wish it worked

The hectic week continues, and some good and bad things have happened. Being the optimist that I am, lets start with the bad thing. This specific bad thing lies in the form of pure, unadulterated incompetence from Deep breath Jono…deep breath… As many of you will be aware, I have an Amazon Wish List. […]

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Lots on

The WMITA talk yesterday went well and it was great to see such a positive reaction to Open Source. I am sure that I will be hearing from a number of the delegates in the coming months. After the event in the morning, I headed back to Birmingham to have a birthday lunch with my […]

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Sheesh its early. I got up today at 5.20am to head over to a WMITA event to talk about Open Source and how it can help businesses. At the event I will be demoing XAMPP, Mambo/Joomla! and WordPress on Windows. Windows is the chosen OS as most of the delegates will be Windows bods. Well, […]

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Had a superb birthday yesterday; thanks for all of your birthday wishes. I am pleased to report that with the help of the bald, I got my SIP phone plugged in and working. It is all working a treat. I have just written and released a new O’Reilly Weblog article entitled Opening the potential of […]

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26 Today

Wow, 26 years old. This one crept around a bit quicker than usual; I think this happens when you start the process of old-fartification. The mystery present from Sooz was a suberb VoIP phone. Sooz always gets me cool presents – I had not been asking for a VoIP phone, but she thought of it […]

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Make it better

Kat, I do think formalised education does have a place, but I think your comments are really taking about the huge benefits of mentoring. I am a big fan of mentoring, and anyone who was lucky enough to have a good lecturer benefits greatly working with an inspirational teacher. My cynicism is that as university […]

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Can it be done?

Good night last night. Luckily woke up this morning without too much of a hangover. Props to Ron for a great talk about Asterisk. Donald Norman speaks the truth. I am also getting a little tired of the fanfare pushed towards Google regarding usability. There is no doubt that Google were pioneers in providing a […]

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This morning I did a presentation about building dynamic websites with the LAMP platform. The seminar was well attended and the response was positive. We also managed to unload a load of Ubuntu Hoary CDs onto the unwitting delegates. One of the slides in the presentation also discussed XAMPP and it never ceases to stop […]

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Office 12 Usability

Seems to be an interesting day for usability. With the unveiling of the Office 12 interface, its balance of aesthetics and usability seems rather contrived. Taking a look at the shots, it seems like a step back in usability in some areas. Take a look at the following shot: The first thing that strikes me […]

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