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Come on baby, eat the rich

I have been thinking recently about usability in different places. As an example, a few weeks back I was astounded by the usability problems with my bank. Apart from the fact that they don’t know their arse from their collaborative elbows (how can someone who gives you a mortgage not know your address), their paperwork […]

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Can YOU guess it?

Wow, check it out, Linux Desktop Hacks in French: You will be pleased to know that there were no deaths whatsoever at the hands of my cooking. Aside from a slightly rubbery pasta, it went pretty well. The good news in the cooking department is that I am getting better at cooked breakfasts. I utterly […]

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Wine Themes

Firstly, thanks for the fantastic contributions on the TV out issue. It is great to see some decent hands-on advice. It seems that I need to explore a means of getting a higher quality (maybe RGB?) signal out of the MythTV box to my TV. My boss Scott has concocted a mystery cable to do […]

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Last night I poked around looking at MythTV some more. Thanks to the kind folks in the mythtv-users channel on freenode, they answered my questions. I am now well on the way to understanding how I am going to build this baby. One point that did concern me a little was the issue of TV […]

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Not a day goes by when I stop dreaming of building a MythTV box. I think I have been a closet home entertainment freak for a few years now. I remember when I lived at home, I would spend hours trying to get optimal speaker placement with my shitty old speakers that I inherited from […]

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Music, Linspire and birthdays

Nice relaxing weekend. I started work on my dedicated music site. I have been wanting to separate out my music collection from and move it to somewhere else to make it a little more than just a section on my existing website. Luckily, much of the functionality for adding and viewing songs was there, […]

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Sacraficial Life

For those of you with a penchant for distorted guitars, double bass drumming and growly vocals, you should stop what you are doing right now and go and listen to my new tune, Sacraficial Life.

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Blathering on

Yesterday I had a meeting with Jake Stride from Senokian about Enterprise Groupware Server. EGS is going to be released soon and it is a PHP based CRM and project tracking tool. It competes with the likes of SugarCRM and I am really impressed with it. Jake and his team have worked really hard and […]

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