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Creating standard themes

Today I have been doing a little research into how likely a cross-toolkit theme is. After some comments I made in a previous blog entry, I had some comments from Ross Burton and the discussion led onto that of how Cairo stacks up against Arthur; the new Qt painting system. To get a better idea […]

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Crazy rights

This morning I popped over to see the LUGRadio Listener Map and it looks ever more astonishing: Last night I wrote an article called UK Digital Rights: Make Your Pledge to encourage people to go and sign up to fund the Open Rights Group. I am pleased to see they have achieved their 1000 pledges, […]

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The future is Cairo

This week I am giving a PHP and MySQL course, hence being rather busy teaching my 8 young padawans the finer concepts of web development. We made some good progress today. It is always fascinating doing these courses as they give an essential, grounded insight into the variety of reasons why people want to learn […]

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MythTV works!!

Today I spent a couple of hours before my band practice working on the MythTV box. Today I managed to tweak the grandiose piece of joy into a state where it actually records TV shows. Yes, now the MythTV box works as expected, and my tests with Eastenders and Diagnosis Murder reaped great rewards. In […]

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Today I confirmed Matthew Bloch and Jonathan Riddell for [LUGRadio Live 2006] ( In addition to their talks, they will also be exhibiting at the show. Also, my friend yours, Josette from O’Reilly will be there to sell books. Everything is really coming together well. I have now switched my blog over to use Markdown […]

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Customising MediaWiki

OK, I have had a few requests from some of you asking if I could knock up some instructions about how to customise MediaWiki to not look like a wiki, but instead resemble a normal site. Instead of giving you a step by step guide about how to do it, I will instead just tell […]

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Odd, huh?

You know, its a funny old life: Courtesy of Everybody Loves LUGRadio.

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Busy as usual

Guess what? The LUGRadio Live 2006 site is now live!! I am quite pleased how it has all hung together, and now things are officially on the way. Remember folks, send us your ideas and how you can help! Incidentally, I am going to document what I did to skin MediaWiki sometime soon, so keep […]

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Things and tings

Hefty weekend. Sooz’s sister and her other half came up to stay and it was nice to see them. Its been too long since we have met up and it was nice to hook up after so long. We are not going to leave it that long again. LUGRadio Season 3 Episode 3 was released […]

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MediaWiki hacking and LRL

Today I have been fiddling with MediaWiki. For quite some time I have wanted to learn how to customise it for use as a normal site. It seems that MediaWiki is pretty ideal for those people who just want to put up a simple site in which a number of people can edit the content. […]

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