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Recorded LUGRadio Episode 3 last night and it was fun. Plenty of different things to discuss, an interesting interview, and the usual array of fun and banter. The show is out on Monday. Yesterday Paul and I started poncing around with Asterisk@Home. We have been intending to fiddle with it for a while, so down […]

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Never say never

So, it seems that survived to live another day, despite my predictions of doom and disaster. Hey, with the risks of drinking too much, smoking too much, bird flu, killer mouth disease, being run over, getting bottled by an all day drinker, being blown up by terrorists or watching the pure, unadulterated bollocks that […]

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New site

Right, I am in the process of moving over to the new site. Naturally, any move to a new codebase is going to have its share of snags, and there may well be some problems with the site over the next day or so. To complicate matters, the switchover of the DNS often causes problems. […]

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Rooting and tooting

Interesting day today. Had a meeting with a local community project who are looking to implement a community center full of Open Source boxes. After some discussion, they will be running Ubuntu, GIMP, Blender, and more. They are also interested in using phpBB to develop community relations on a forum. This is interesting not […]

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Going to LA

I am confirmed as a speaker at the Southern California Linux Expo on Feb 11th and 12th next year. I have never been to California before and I am quite looking forward to it. I am also hoping to squeeze in some LUGs and other bits while I am there – if you are in […]

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Got back into work after a number of weeks away from the office. In this time I have been on holiday for two weeks and then another two weeks looking after the new puppy at home (one week working, one week off). I want to thank my incredible bosses at OpenAdvantage for this, they have […]

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NO to fireworks!!

Did the gig tonight at the Little Civic and it went well. We got up on stage, treated the audience to 30 minutes of pounding metal and got off. You know when you have put your heart into a gig when you get off the stage and feel rather dazed and dizzy. The response was […]

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Stuff and nonsense

Tuesday evening I headed to Manchester to speak at an IBM migration event. Headed out in the evening for a few beers and it was great to meet up with Cliff, Andy, Tony and Colin again. It was really great to see Justin Davies again – I only ever meet him at events, and always […]

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Fun and games

Today the PVR-350 and the channel switcher box arrived. This evening I had a crack at getting them working and the channel box works and the PVR-350 is nearly finished. I just need an S-Video lead before I can complete the setup. I will pick one up tomorrow. Tuesday I am giving a talk at […]

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