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Year new happy!

Well, before everything kicks off, I want to wish you all a happy new year. In an hour or so the LUGRadio crew are coming over to record our new year episode and then we are going to be drinkin’ until we’re stinkin’. Boy, I hope Gullivers Pizza is open at 4am on Jan 1st… […]

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Kernels and ‘tings

Today I started playing around getting a new kernel on my MythTV box in an attempt to solve the Nova-T and PVR-350 conflicts. A kindly soul on #mythtv-users had shared with me that he got both cards working with 2.6.14, so I figured I would give it a go. I downloaded the kernel, copied my […]

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Just got back from Bedford after three great days with Sooz’s side of the family. We ate lots of food, drunk lots of beer, played a lot of Poker and Countdown, and submerged into the usual flurry of schoolboy gags and toilet humour. Its always sad to leave when visiting family, and it was no […]

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Ho Ho Ho!

Well, its Christmas day, and I have stolen a few minutes while the others are watching Eastenders to have a private geeking session. Firstly, let me wish you all a merry Christmas. I hope the generous bearded one has illegally entered your house and dropped something pleasant under your tree. I was treated to a […]

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A new experience

Went to Yorkshire for a few days to meet up with family and to attend my nan’s funeral in Kirby Hill; a small hamlet nested deep in the middle of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Despite being a sad event for all concerned, it was a much more positive affair than I expected. There was very […]

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Fun, fun, fun

You know, its odd how sometimes everything around you decides to give you a hefty boot in the spuds at once. In the last week, the following gathering of bad luck has struck Castle Bacon: My Nan died (but thanks for the lovely emails and thoughts folks) I bust my MythTV box (more on this […]

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Yesterday my Nan passed away. She had been suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease for the last five or so years, and early evening yesterday, the final stage of the disease kicked in and she left us. Its a sad time for everyone, and my thoughts are with my Grandad and Mum. The funeral is later this […]

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Well, after seemingly avoiding the cold that has been jumping from nostril to nostril, it seems I have finally been kicked in the spuds by it. I woke up today, disorientated, nose dripping, throat sore and feeling generally miserable. The only consolation for this misery is being able to pass it onto some other unsuspecting […]

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Google Schmoogle

DVB cards Off work today on holiday, so I spent a little time fiddling with my MythTV box. I have a Nova-T DVB card that has been lying around waiting to go into the box, so today I cracked it open, installed it and luckily Breezy managed to find the card straight away. The problem […]

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Added a new date to the Events diary. This one is at Manchester Linux User Group on Sat 21st January 2006. This will be my new advocacy talk, now titled On the Front Line: Convincing People the Inconvincible. I have also added a Speaking Frequently Asked Questions page and added a couple of older events […]

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