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So, it seems the current buzz is about Linus giving GNOME a good shoeing. To be honest, I don’t really see what the huge fuss is. As much as I respect Linus as a very talented kernel hacker, I don’t really put the same faith in his judgement about design and usability; it just isn’t […]

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WYLUG talk

Last night Aq and I drove to Leeds where I was doing a talk about LUGRadio. The talk took place at the rather amusingly titled E.C. Stoner Building which acts as the home of the West Yorkshire LUG. Ironically, after spending two hours on the road getting there, we saw a large sign for WYLUG […]

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Wafer thin

Good weekend, this one. On Saturday a bunch of old Uni pals came over for our annual fake Christmas day. This involved plenty of food, drink, a game of Trivial Pursuit (in which the female of the species was shown up as the weaker player), and some Christmas presents. It was good fun, and good […]

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Running MythTV on Ubuntu Breezy

Well, I am pretty much nearing the completion of my MythTV box, and I figured it is now time to get all of this lot documented. Unfortunately I did not make notes while I built the machine, so most of this is from recollection and checking through settings and older blog entries. As always, your […]

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Wow, is getting a beating. We suspect this is not only down to the fact that the show is netting more and more listeners with each release, but also Channel9 picked it up and they have a shit load of readers online at any one time. As such, has been disabled until we […]

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Channels and chin

Spent a few hours last night fixing up my MythTV channels. This involved the long and rather laborious process of going through the channels on my Sky box, and copying over the settings to the MythTV monster via the web interface. I did the majority of the channels and now it is all looking rather […]

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Clan Jono

You know, I have known for a while that I have a rather unusual name. Aside from my meat-related surname, the name Jono is not particularly well established. This odd combination has mean’t that from what I can tell, I am the only Jono Bacon on the Internet, so one could assume that there not […]

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Xine and LRL06

Thanks for the comments about Xine. I am looking into a way of getting over these bugs, and exploring some other options. In related news, its good to hear that Bill has seen the light and chosen MythTV over his collection of home-brew hacked up PVR scripts. Welcome to the club, Bill. Tonight we (Seraphidian) […]

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It lives (again)

Well, well, well. Today I am proud to announce that the final major chunk of the MythTV puzzle, TV out, is working. Freedom fighters among you will be disappointed to learn that I resorted to the proprietary ATI driver, but from what I can tell, this is the easiest way to get TV out working. […]

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MythTV audio success

Sooz was away last night to attend a BBC training course today, so I descended into full pants-and-chinese-food mode and spent the entire evening hacking on MythTV. The latest major win is that audio in both TV and DVD now works. Those of you who are trying to get TV audio for your PVR-350 working […]

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