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From the brain to the screen

Wow, been busy this week. I have a whole bunch of things I want to complete before I head off to Los Angeles in a week. there is lots going on and I am trying to tend to everything as efficiently as possible. Its tough though when you are balancing over 8 different things at […]

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RaccoonShow released

This weekend my mum and dad came up to visit and we had a great weekend. We went out and had some great food on Friday and Saturday night and we had our usual interesting discussions, debates and a good laugh. I look forward to seeing them sometime soon. RaccoonShow beta released! Well I have […]

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The raccoon needs YOU!

Well, after posting my bug on the swftools-common list, everything has gone quiet. This bug is a real pain and standing in the way for the release of RaccoonShow. As such, I need your help. I am sure some of you l33t coders out there are keen to lend your hand with an interesting problem. […]

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Always remember

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. Today marks the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the former Nazi concentration and extermination camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, in 1945. It is mind-boggling to think of the sheer scale of human misery that was afflicted on the world back then. Sometimes its important to step back from the frivolity of today […]

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Leeching companies don’t succeed

Dave, I agree with you, and this is one of the difficult aspects of our community. Then again, this affects all communities. If anyone is to stand up and violate the fabric of a community, retaliation is common. This is no different to paediatricians getting lynched because people thought they were peodophiles. Its a shocking […]

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Comment spam banished!

People of the world, rejoice, for I have fixed my comments page to prevent automated comment spam. Now when you add a comment, you are asked to add two numbers together. This is quicker than having to generate a captcha image and more accessible. This news will no doubt come as a nice surprise to […]

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Bug lover

Last night I spent a few hours hacking on RaccoonShow and resolved the bug with the PDF to JPG conversion. It seems the bug was triggered in an older version of Ghostscript (7.07 and below). In later versions of Ghostscript the conversion is fine. I am also using Ghostscript directly instead of using Imagemagick’s convert […]

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This weekend I started a new project which I have codenamed RaccoonShow. For a while now I have been wanting to find a tool that can take a presentation file, an audio file of the recorded talk and squeeze them together into a flash animation. I am certainly not the only person who has been […]

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Birds have no burp reflex

Yesterday I published an article called Building up the Advocacy Community. This short piece just discusses why the advocacy community has slowed down and focuses on how to build the community back up. My band, Seraphidian, have decided when we are going to record the follow up album to Caged. We will enter the studio […]

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Speaking in Manchester

This is probably of most interest to subscribers of Planet Advocacy, but I will be giving a talk about sensible advocacy entitled On the Front Line: Convincing People of the Inconvincible at Manchester Linux User Group this Saturday (21st Jan). The meeting kicks off at around 2pm. There is also a talk about coreutils by […]

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