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Open Source for Shareware Developers

Patrick, I am certainly going to have to pick a copy of that book up. One thing that has continually irked me is the utterly meaningless language of many parts of the IT industry. When I was learning to write, the great William Zinsser inspired me to take the perspective that the communication of ideas, […]

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Building the Perfect Audio Editor

In the past, I have gone into quite some detail about why I believe that the current crop of Linux multi-trackers are not up to the job for both recording my own music and recording LUGRadio. To remedy this, Aq and I sat down for a few evenings and fleshed out a bunch of ideas […]

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Schools and Communities

Got up early today to head off to iCentrum to do a talk on VoIP. Good turnout and the response was very positive. At OpenAdvantage we have a couple of specific subjects that people seem to go nuts about, and it seems that VoIP is delving into that list. After we got back and had […]

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Are you a wintroll sheep?

Well, the MythTV controversy continues to rumble on, with opinion on mythtv-dev much more divided as a number of people have stepped forward and identified with the various issues I raised. I am also pleased to see that this crazy demand of running the Subversion version as a pre-requisite to contribute feedback has been greeted […]

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MythTV developer community perspectives

What an interesting 24-hours in the world of discovering MythTV development. After I wrote-up my MythTV usability comments I also posted them to the mythtv-dev list. Shortly after posting them I mentioned in #mythtv on Freenode about the comments. A member of the channel called Chutt, who turns out to be Isaac Richards, the founder […]

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MythTV Usability Report

For a while now I have been noting down little quirks and oddities in MythTV. Although MythTV is incredibly usable and works very well, fixing these problems would make it more intuitive and easier to use. This list is certainly not exhaustive and although I have been meaning to do an exhaustive usability assessment, I […]

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No more buzz

Today is another glorious day for the MythTV box. Since the start of the project I have been dogged by a rather noisy machine. The time I built a machine before the MythTV box was years ago and there really was no solution for noisy fans. As such, I grit my teeth and vowed to […]

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Jorge, interesting choice of music there, with an evident bay area thrash theme running through it. I am also hugely into music, both listening and also gigging and recording with Seraphidian and my solo stuff. A few thoughts on your comments: As for Yngwie Malmsteen, sure he is arrogant and cocky, and his music is […]

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Went to the LUG meeting last night and it was fun, despite feeling tired all day. I always feel knackered when I get back to work after some time off. The reason is simple. When I am at home, I love staying awake late at night and sleeping in. This is of course, totally incompatible […]

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Better advocacy

I have had a couple of interesting emails through since The Reality of Advocacy went live. I thought a couple of these may be of interest to the greater community, so I have reproduced my responses here. One mail came from Kayvan Bahador: > First and foremost I would like to say kudos! on your […]

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