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Taste the rainbow

All go, as usual, and there is lots of fun stuff going, some of which I can’t let on about. Feel free to bribe me with crackers if you want, but I can’t let on. When I was at SCALE 4x I did an interview with a journalist. She was in my talk and wanted […]

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Well, is now fully live and hacking is happening at a furious rate. Mike has now got playback working, and also mixed playback, which is essential for multi-track applications, Jason is hacking on waveform visualisation and also added the ability to import a file, I have hacked the Add Instrument dialog box to the […]

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Dogs can indeed look up

Thanks to everyone who came onto the last blog entry to talk about JonoEdit. One thing I have been wanting to change is the name. I didn’t call it JonoEdit and it was a name thrown around on the discussion forums while the idea was being discussed. Anyway, after some suggestions, Jokosha seems to be […]

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JonoEdit: It lives!

For some time now I have been questioned about why I use Windows (well, now Mac OS X) for recording, and I have always provided a bunch of reasons why I made this decision. To find out more, dig around the LUGRadio community and see the discussions. Anyway, there was some discussion inside the LUGRadio […]

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LUGRadio Live 2006

Wow, its all go at the moment. The LUGRadio Live 2006 wheels continue to grind, and a bunch of new names are confirmed: Steve Coast – OpenStreetmap Kat Goodwin, Jen Phillips and Phated – Women in Open Source Edward Hervey – PiTiVi Scott James Remnant – Ubuntu Barbie – Messagelabs and Perl In addition to […]

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SCALE talk online

Well, first up, I have Raccoonshow’d my SCALE 4x talk and put it online in the Events section. Go grab Building the Next Generation Linux Desktop now! Its quite a large file, so its recommended that you right-click the link and save it to your disk and then view it in your web browser. I […]

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Back home

Well, back home and its nice to be back in my own bed, complete with Sooz and two sleepy dogs. Now its just a case of getting shot of this jet lag. As has been observed before, it seems that jet lag is much worse on the way home. Its just a case of gritting […]

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Well, SCALE was awesome. I had a great time and met many, many fantastic people. A huge number of people made my stay in LA a great one, and I want to thank everyone deeply. This includes Jeff, Ilan, Shyam, Phil, Jordan, another Jeff, the first Jeff’s mate and many more. Thanks so much. Day […]

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Pre-SCALE and post-KDE musings

Today was a fun day. After forcing my writhing jet lagged body to stay awake by plying it with beer last night, I woke up at around 10.30am. Fixed a few things on a chapter, had a shower and then headed to the OpenDocument workshop downstairs. I saw a fascinating talk by Peter Quinn in […]

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Arrived in LA

Well, here I am in Los Angeles. After nearly 15 hours of constant travelling, in which I travelled between England, Holland and the USA, I am finally here in my hotel room, and some sucker forgot to cancel the Internet in their room. Lucky ‘ol me. Nothing much has happened so far, and I have […]

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