JonoEdit: It lives!

For some time now I have been questioned about why I use Windows (well, now Mac OS X) for recording, and I have always provided a bunch of reasons why I made this decision. To find out more, dig around the LUGRadio community and see the discussions.

Anyway, there was some discussion inside the LUGRadio community about what to do about this. While on IRC one day a chap suggested that the community could possibly club together to develop what he described as JonoEdit – an audio editor that meets my specification and solves many of the problems I had discussed. From all of this discussion it seemed a bunch of other people shared my views in terms of the ease of use of current Open Source multitrackers. As many of you will know, usability is one of my main interests, so ease of use was key to the success of moving to an Open Source platform for creating LUGRadio.

So, a while back I wrote up a design spec for my ideal audio editor. Jason also set up a development site in which the code can be hosted and notes can be made on the wiki. After this, I got busy with other things and didn’t think too much more about it. Well, to my surprise I checked the code out and was presented with this:

It seems that Elleo and Jason have been hacking hard on JonoEdit, and not only are chunks of the interface working but they just implemented the code to record.

I am bowled over by how cool this is. The LUGRadio community have proved to be cool in the past and this is just another shining example. What we need now are more developers to hook in and get involved. If you want a simple to use multi-tracker, know Python and PyGTK and are happy to learn GStreamer, get involved!

There is some discussion about setting up a mailing list at the moment, but at the moment feel free to use the LUGRadio Forums to discuss JonoEdit development.

  • Jeff Waugh

    Hey man, you should look at some of the rad stuff in sweep (a sample editor with some very enticing features) and libremix (think scenegraph for sound) – might form some cool shared infrastructure for use with JonoEdit. :-)

  • Jono

    Heya Jeff,

    Looks interesting. I had seen Sweep before, but not libremix. Although Sweep is an audio editor, it shares more similarities with something such as CoolEdit or Audacity than with Cubase or Cakewalk. The other stinger is that Sweep is written in C and JonoEdit is written in Python.

    You know, who knows, JonoEdit may go nowhere, but its pretty cool that it has got as far as it has got. It would be great to see it flourish into a cutting edge tracker that is as committed to good design and usability as it is to functionality. :)

    Oh, and we will need to change the name… 😛

  • Suggestion

    In finnish “Jono” means “a queue”! So, I immediately thought it would be a good name for an audio editor. I’d vote for just “Jono” – without the Edit.

  • Elleo

    What about KosherEdit on account of there being No Bacon ;).

  • Pepo


  • Jono
  • facet

    Sweet post.

    The name thing makes me cringe. But hell why not! Go Jono Go Jono

  • Jono

    It is important to stress that I did not name this – this name has informally sprung up on the LUGRadio forums. It is really just a code name for now. :)

  • sparkes

    following on from Elleos idea I would like to propose jokosher as a final name for Jo no bacon edit

  • Ted Haeger

    Spot the egomaniac in this picture. :)

  • Elleo

    Yeah, Jokosher’s even better :-).

  • Jono

    Ted, you need a slap with a large stick complete with rusty nail in the end. 😛

    As I have said before, JonoEdit needs to be called something else – I really don’t want the world thinking that I came up with it and called it JonoEdit. The name was thrown around the forums.

    So, credit to sparkes for the awesome suggestion based on other peoples ideas of something-kosher. I am pleased to say that Jokosha will be the new name for JonoEdit, and has been registered. This name not only sounds fairly cool, but it sounds like a proper application and also has the in-joke of Jo No Bacon which many of you seem to get particular amusement out of. You bastards. 😛

    Ted. I know where you live and I am coming after you with my nail. 😛