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Fight! UK LUG Tour

For the week of the 17th April 2006, Ted Haegar from Novell USA and myself plan to tour the UK visiting LUGs and doing talks. This is entirely free and supported by our rather cool employers Novell and OpenAdvantage. Want to know more? Check out the awesome promo MP3 that Ted had recorded for the […]

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GStreamer bits and bobs

OK, quick warning – this blog entry contains lots of technical GStreamer nonsense. I can already feel some of you getting bored, so just move along if this stuff doesn’t get your nipples erect. Recently I have started looking at how to let the user select a given sound card input for a particular track […]

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Adventures in spam 2

I was tickled pink to receive an awesome email from Minnie Winter: > German beach ball of an seductive in conscientious objector CIA spindly popcorn heliport, terrestrial forgave hapless magnolia inhumane!!! Yeah…thats…exciting. When you get an email that begins with the words German beach ball, the conversation could really go anywhere. Minnie then informs of […]

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GUADEC submission

Just submitted by proposal for a talk at GUADEC. It is called Riding by the seat of your pants: The Jokosher story and here is the blurb: > “Once upon a time, there was a little radio show called LUGRadio. The devilishly handsome chap who mixed and edited the show was afflicted with the uncomfortable […]

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Dear Santa, can you make it work?

It is clearly evident that the mighty coop speaks clear, sparkling truth. If there is something that needs fixing, and quick, it is the ability to plug your laptop into a projector. As many of you will know, I tend to do a lot of talks, and at pretty much every event I need to […]

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Jokosher screens

The Jokosher coding frenzy is continuing, and I thought it might be fun to post a few screenshots for those of you who are keeping an eye on it. Recently there has been more and more work going on, and more contributors getting involved. Some work has been going on recently in porting Jokosher to […]

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Books, delays and dates

Wow, its been ferociously busy recently. Not only are things going on at work, but I am also working at finishing up the Official Ubuntu Book. This has involved the usual game of submitting work for review, taking review comments, merging them in, adding missing content and more. Thanks must go out to Jorge, Dennis, […]

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Comments b0rked

Just to let you all know that for some crazy reason, comments are not working at the moment on the site. Something odd has happened on the server which I suspect is down to a crash a while back. I will let you know when comments are re-enabled. Don’t you just hate it when these […]

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Jokosher Mix Design

In Jokosher we need to implement audio sliders. These sliders are used for adjusting the volume of a particular instrument in the composition. In addition to adjusting the volume, sliders are also augmented with a few other features: They typically include a VU meter. This meter measures the volume of that particular instrument. This is […]

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Adventures in spam 1

You know, spam is a wondrous thing. No, not for filling our inboxes with pointless junk, but a wonderous thing for pure, unadulterated entertainment value. My spam folder in GMail is increasingly becoming a source of astonishing comedy. For your enjoyment, I figured I should pick out a few choice gems. Having a beard such […]

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