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Looky here, you

Rather coincidentally, Federico’s post lines up with some investigations that Frank Smith and I have been taking into the Jokosher drawing code. In Jokosher we tend to get around 20 bus messages from GStreamer every second that report levels and the composition playhead position. These bus messages are used to update parts of the GUI. […]

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You sure you want this on your planet?

Well, it appears Mr Schaller had added myself and a bunch of other Jokosher hackers to Planet GStreamer. Although I can’t guarantee all of my posts will be on topic, I hope the ones that are on-topic are actually interesting. If not, here is a picture of the Chinny Raccoon: Recently I have been trying […]

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Die spiders, die

You know, I hate spiders. Sure, I know they perform some important ecological function that is critical in the scheme of things, but I just hate the damn creatures. This uniformed hatred doesn’t just apply to big spiders, no, it also includes those tiny spiders (often known as money spiders, to sugar the pill) who […]

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Applications, not the OS

Simon, I entirely agree with you that much of the problem with advocacy has been too much focus on Operating Systems. I remember my ex brother-in-law once said to me that he didn’t use Linux because he ‘didn’t want to battle with the OS’. He just wanted to get on and get stuff done. Part […]

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Freespire and advocating diversity

So, it has been officially announced – we now have another community driven free Linux distribution, this time in the form of Freespire. Those of you with eagle eyes, or possibly stalker-like tendencies may have also noticed that I am on the leadership board. At this point, veteran readers may wonder why this is, given […]

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CSS gurus required – fame guaranteed

I am pleased to announce some new additions to Planet Advocacy: Chris DiBona – Open Source dude at Google and author. Chris has been kicking around the Open Source community for a number of years, so his boots need to muddy the p.a carpet. Paul Cooper – Paul is my boss at OpenAdvantage and he […]

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UK LUG TOUR: Oxford and Gloucester

Well, the UK LUG Tour is complete, and its been a great success. On the final day we managed to break down the barriers of human endurance and cram in two dates to our busy schedule of driving, eating, driving, eating and speaking. Despite the rather long hike back from Wales, we met earlyish the […]

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Today I picked up Ted and headed to Birmingham to show him OpenAdvantage and have lunch with Paul. Recently, Paul has been on something of a whirlwind trip, and has been to Boston to LinuxWorld, and to Prague for another conference. While in Boston he met up with the Linux Link Tech Show guys and […]

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UK LUG TOUR: Manchester

This is going to be a fairly quick update as we need to shoot off to Wales any time now. Last night we were in Manchester, and despite the smaller turn-out, it was good. There was unfortunately some mis-communication within the LUG about the night of the talk and some people showed up the night […]

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Well, the UK LUG tour has kicked off, and both Ted and I will be blogging about what is going on. It started on Monday when I picked up Ted and we returned to LUGRadio towers to record Season 3 Episode 14, which is due out on Monday. It was good fun recording it, and […]

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