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The legend of the Chinny Raccoon

Well here we go, second time lucky… (more on this later in this blog entry) I am pleased to see the masterful John Leach has included the mighty Chinny Raccoon on Linus’ t-shirt on the latest Everybody Loves Eric Raymond strip. Now, I know some of you may not quite get all this chin business, […]

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On mobile phone design…

Today I sat in a talk about Windows Mobile, and the way that Microsoft are making mobile devices more flexible and usable for a variety of different purposes. We were shown a bunch of demos of applications running on the devices, interface improvements and there was lots of discussion about where they are heading. Like […]

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Planet Advocacy and…advocacy

As some of you will be aware, I run Planet Advocacy, and you can read the combined wisdom of Linux advocates including Reverend Ted, Benjamin Mako Hill, Dave Neary, Zak Greant and others. Tim Joyce mailed me to be added to the site, and he is now on there, and it made me think that […]

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Microsoft Summit Day 1

Well, here I am in Seattle. After hours of travelling and virtually no sleep over the last two days, I am finally checked in having attended my first day at the Microsoft Technical Summit. This is a three day conference in which an invited audience are put in the same room as prominant Microsoft bods […]

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Nottingham LUG and Jokosher

Wow, busy day yestersay. Got into work pretty early and did a seminar on building dynamic websites with PHP and MySQL. Reasonable turnout for 9am and lots of interesting questions. I then spent much of the day preparing for my talk in Oxford next week and finishing up chunks of work here and there. At […]

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Coming to a town near you

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Well, all evening slots on the UK Tour are now filled. We do however still have some daytime slots available. The week of April 17th is half-term for students, so if you run a University computer society it may of interest to run an event. If you can get an audience in front of us, […]

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My stomach can be an enemy sometimes

The last few days have been populated by the rather unpleasant output of a stomach bug. It was not nice, and I am not not going to share the ghastly details with you. Suffice to say, it was ghastly. Thanks very much to all of you who mailed in asking for a place on the […]

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