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Salad Dodger

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Brother Haeger is spreading the good words *Salad Dodger’ around the United States of Amerrrrrica. With his boyish good looks, iPod bribery tactics and an affection for pig skin, his buffoonery is reaping rewards. In the words of Ghandi – “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, […]

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Adventures in spam 3

Welcome to yet another gripping instalment of Adventures in spam 3! In a world lacking in community, it is easy to forget how pleasant a concerned friend can be. With many of us pushing forward in our busy lives, a few wise words and an affectionate note of concern can often help us along in […]

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Winning and losing, hand in hand

Recently, the topic of Open Source multimedia and multimedia frameworks has been getting some press. Now, I don’t know if this is just because I am more intimately involved in Open Source multimedia with Jokosher, but there is a definitive whiff in the air that multimedia is becoming a priority. Like many battles before, the […]

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Recording boogaloo

Today I went down to London to do the TV interview. It was fascinating doing it, and it was great to peek into the TV world for a while. The studio was based in Piccadilly Circus, and the interview mainly covered what the GP2X can do, how people can make games for it and how […]

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My TV debut

I am going to be on TV. I had a call a few days ago asking if I could go on a show to talk about a nifty little Open Source games console called the GP2X. I have been keeping tabs on this little device for quite a while now, and have been playing with […]

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Jokosher hackfest

Well, there has been some great work going on as part of the Jokosher hackfest. As I wrote about in my last blog entry, I have spent the last few weeks banging my head against some audio problems in Jokosher with regards to playback. Well, the bug that I filed last night was looked over […]

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Adder bugs

Recently we have been getting some odd audio problems in Jokosher in which playback will not start on the second play. Strangely, this problem only exhibits itself when more than one audio file is being used, and hence my suspicion has been that this is adder related. Tonight I wrote a test case for this […]

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Jokosher hackfest this sunday – gstreamer bods nee

This Sunday (21st May 2006) we are holding a Jokosher hackfest in the #jokosher IRC channel on Freenode. The hackfest is going to be attended by a number of Jokosher hackers, and the plan is to get the audio system into shape, fix bugs and add missing features. I know this blog is aggregated on […]

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Oh my

Last night was the very first PHP West Midlands meeting in Birmingham. You know, when I considered the idea of setting up a PHP user group, it was a bit of a punt in the dark. I could see this collection of disattached PHP developers growing around me, many of which had been through OpenAdvantage’s […]

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Christian has blogged about Phonon; the KDE multimedia framework touted for KDE4. A while ago at SCALE in Los Angeles I had breakfast with Aaron Seigo and aside from our usual exchange of nob-gags, we discussed Phonon in some detail. One of the biggest problems that I think the KDE team have is the inability […]

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