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Yesterday was another great day at GUADEC. One of the highlights for me was the GStreamer talk given by Wim and Andy. In the talk they discussed how some of the threading works in GStreamer and went onto discuss how clocks work. This could not have been better timed, as I have been looking into […]

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Well, here we are in sunny spain, and GUADEC is, as ever, awesome. Last year was great, and this year is even better. These guys know the definition of community. I don’t have the time to write a huge amount about the first day, so I will summarise: Alex Graveley’s Gimmie talk was interesting, and […]

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For those about to hack, we salute you

Here we at GUADEC, and it is incredibly hot. We got here last night after a torturous journey, but we settled in and had a few beers last night. Good to meet up with old and new friends, and we are having a ball so far. Today at 4pm is my talk. If you are […]

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Long day, pre-GUADEC rumble

Everyone loves Michael Meeks and and his inimitable blogging technique. I figured I would use his style to describe the utter beast of a day I have just had. Times added to make it feel like a knocked-off episode of 24: 12.15am – went to bed, pulled mail. 1.00am – went to sleep watching Desperate […]

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Ask the audience: Pushing Creative Commons stuff

As some of you may know, I run Recreant View which is where I put all of my Creative Commons licensed music. On the site I write about and release music which can be freely distributed, and allows people to make derivative works and mashups/remixes. In fact, I just released a brand new tune – […]

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Everyone leave the house at 7.30pm tonight

As far as I am aware, my interview on the G@mers TV show on Rapture TV should be aired tonight. I have not seen it yet, and I have no idea how it came out. Hopefully I won’t look a complete monkeys arse on there. The show is broadcast at 7.30pm GMT on Sky channel […]

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Say NO to Robert Love

Sure, you may have heard me proclaim great things about Robert Love in the past, and yes, he did make the whole Project Utopia thing happen. And, someone of a positive orientation may claim achievements to do with kernel hacking and wireless integration into the desktop. Remove all of these thoughts from your head though, […]

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Unwrapping Learning Potential With Open Source

Education is a funny old game, and one that seems to mystify even the closest of observers. Populated with policy, procedure, top-down advisory boards and a chain of hierarchical button pushers, education can be a tough cookie to understand. If you then roll into the mix the fantabulous world of IT, you have a sure-fire […]

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Xgl fanboy strikes again

Based upon Paul’s success, I was determined to get Xgl working on my laptop. With so many HOWTOs kicking around, you would think this would be an easy job – not if you have an ATI card. After some poking, kicking, screaming, jumping, smashing, sighing and at one point demolishing, I have finally got it […]

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Bleeding Nora…

Well, if you find yourself bored on the 22nd and 23rd July 2006 and are looking for something fun to do, can I make one small suggestion? Sure, my art skills suck, but I wanted to see it all on a single sheet, and I want to see you artsy-fartsy types make it look pretty. […]

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