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Jokosher moves and grooves

I just updated the Jokosher website with some rather exciting developments – the GUI code for moving and splitting audio has been hooked up to the audio engine and Jokosher is now starting to act and feel like a real editor. With it you can create a project, add instruments, import or record audio, move […]

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Not just a handsome German yoghurt

A while back, I had never heard of Mirco Muller. Then, from out of nowhere, this guy called MacSlow surfaces on the LUGRadio IRC channel and starts talking about some strange graphical document handling experiment he has been working on called Lowfat. He seemed like a personable chap, asked for a talk at the mighty […]

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Dear Lazyweb, for some time now I have been looking for an Integrated Development Environment for Python that not only provides a great programming editor, but also has built-in support for GUI form editors such as Glade or Gazpacho. At the moment I am using Eclipse, and although it is great, it makes my head […]

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Sweet, sweet audio love

Its been a while since I posted an update about Jokosher, so I figured I should fill you all in. There has been some great work going on, and everyone is doing an awesome job. To keep it short and sweet, I will list the new stuff as bullet points: Different waveform graphs – thanks […]

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Microsoft users and Open Source

This weekend I spoke at two events for Microsoft people – a Microsoft community leaders day on Friday and the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Day on the Saturday. At both days I delivered a talk about Open Source, debunking some of the myths, and explaining how Open Source is not just for Linux geeks and how Microsoft fans […]

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Today I am heading down to Microsoft’s campus in Reading for a few days of speaking. Today is an event about community building inside of Microsoft, and I was invited to come along to talk about Open Source. It seems quite an interesting event, and it is always nice and challenging to speak at places […]

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