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Jokosher in Edgy

Nice: jono@edgy:~$ sudo apt-get install jokosher Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done The following extra packages will be installed: gstreamer0.10-gnonlin python-alsaaudio python2.4-alsaaudio The following NEW packages will be installed gstreamer0.10-gnonlin jokosher python-alsaaudio python2.4-alsaaudio 0 upgraded, 4 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 690kB of […]

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MythTV on Dapper: Advice Required

As regular readers may well remember, I installed a MythTV quite some time ago. I got it up and running on Ubuntu Breezy, with video out from my ATI card and support for my remote control and LCD panel. Feeling rather smug about building said box, I showed it off to all and sundry to […]

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Diversity is our strength

It has been oft stated that diversity is key for the Open Source community to develop. You don’t have look far to see how diversity plays a key role in software development and community infrastructure construction. We demand not only diverse skill sets (artists, developers, documentation writers, usability engineers, musicians etc.), but also diverse levels […]

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Mmmm, LADSPA foo

Well, after yesterday’s design post I have started implementing it in Jokosher. Currently the dialog pops up and you can select a LADSPA effect, add it to the instrument and configure the effect settings. The settings are mostly saved at the moment, although there are still some bugs, which I suspect are to do with […]

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All your effects belong to us

Audio effects support in most audio editors suck. The actual quality of the effects is not a problem, in fact, the effects bundled with Cubase SX 3.0 are incredible. The problem is in terms of the user interface and integration. The value of effects is critical in a studio – it is effects that add […]

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LADSPA support coming to Jokosher

At LUGRadio Live we agreed an initial feature-set for Jokosher 0.2, and a release schedule. For more details on this, read this this thread. One of the key features I am keen to see in 0.2 is full LADSPA support. For those of you who have been living under a rock, LADSPA is a plug-in […]

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LUGRadio Live is over…

…and it was awesome. Thanks to every single one of you who came along – you made the months of preparation worthwhile. The blogs and write-ups are still coming in, but the general response seems to have been very positive, and the four of us are chuffed to bits. The worst thing about the event […]

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Announcing Jokosher 0.1

The Jokosher team are proud to announce our very first 0.1 release of Jokosher; a simple, usability focused Open Source multi-track studio. Since the original design and conception of the project in February, a team of developers, documentation writers, artists, testers and packagers have worked together to create a compelling first release. I am so […]

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The rail strike is OFF!

Yes, thats right peeps, the rail strike that was threatened this weekend, the same weekend as the mighty LUGRadio Live 2006 has been called off. More details here. As such, you train using folks won’t have problems getting to the event now! Phew.

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Recognising potential through history

As an advocate and consultant, I tend to get exposed to a rich tapestry of reasons why Open Source is great and why it is not so great. I am not going going to bother singing to the choir about the great aspects, but I instead want to discuss one of the oft heard criticisms […]

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