Banish The Beard: Donate Now!

You know, I love my beard. I love its length, girth and breadth, its unique whispy feel and its oh-so-metal look. I have had it for six years and it completes me. Despite my affection to the little fella under my chin, I am willing to shave it off for charity at LUGRadio Live 2006.

So, this is the deal. I want to raise at least £400 for Amnesty International, but I think we can smash that. £400 was the target for people visiting LUGRadio Live 2006, but I want to all of you people who read my blog either directly, or via Planet GNOME, Planet GStreamer, Planet Advocacy, Planet LUGRadio or the OSNews Galaxy to donate. Lets see how much we can raise – the disaster of my beard’s demise could really help human rights around the world.

So, go and DONATE!

The actual beard shaving will happen when we record LUGRadio Live And Unleashed on the first day of LUGRadio Live 2006. Video will be provided online.

  • D

    “Video will be provided online.”


  • D

    and, completely independant of myself, on #lugradio:

    10:35 < kNo> # extract: "Video will be provided online."... 10:35 < kNo> yeah, beard

  • jono

    Hah! 😀

    It will this year, we have hired Sooz to shoot and edit the show. :)

  • Daniel Lewis

    Good luck raising the money dudeo.

    I will advertise your plea on my blog too.


  • Jürgen

    Additional idea: auctioneer your shaved off beard either at lugradio live or even at eBay. I think some people would spend big money for sticking your beard on their hat.


  • Rob

    Umm, I don’t do paypal, so can i suggest you have a wiki page of pledges for people coming to LRL? :)

  • theangryangel dot co dot uk

    This may take you sometime…

    You’ll probably not read it all, either.

    Would people stop saying sorry Normally I don’t like to make things too personal on my websites any more. I value my privacy. That said things have been pretty hectic, stressful and saddening for me the l…

  • the_angry_angel

    Trackback’s suck. Shaving your beard off for charity doesn’t – I look forward to seeing this on video Jono – good luck :)

  • sparkes

    I commented on the forums, I would have joined as I shaved off an almost 2 inch jono style beard this week (about 6 or 7 months growth with careful trimming to get a long pointy wizard beard it was as well) if you had blogged about this a day or two earlier I would have joined you.

    Angry_angel, I turned off all trackbacking. Not only does it look pants on other sites because it’s not intellegent enough but I started getting trackback spam as well so I killed it boths ways.