Announcing Jokosher 0.1

The Jokosher team are proud to announce our very first 0.1 release of Jokosher; a simple, usability focused Open Source multi-track studio. Since the original design and conception of the project in February, a team of developers, documentation writers, artists, testers and packagers have worked together to create a compelling first release. I am so proud of every single person involved.

So, where do you get started? Well, first head over to the brand new Jokosher website, and read the Feature List and see the Screenshots. Then hit the Download page and grab a package. After that, read the Jokosher Tutorial and also the User Guide, and finally join the Jokosher Community Forums. Jokosher is fundamentally about community, and I am really keen to build up the forums and make them a hive of audio recording chatter and buzz. We are at the beginning of a really exciting journey here, and I want you all to share in it.

Thanks to the many contributors who have helped with this release (alphabetically listed):

Chris Brown, Oscar Carlstedt, Daniel Holbach, Gilles Fabio, Jason Field, Edward Hervey, Tuomas Kuosmanen, Stuart Langridge, Dennis Lichtenthäler, Alasdair MacLeod, Robert McWilliam, Dan Nawara, Andreas Nilsson, Laszlo Pandy, Jeff Ratliff, Gregory Sheeran, Michael Sheldon and Ben Thorp.

Joksher needs YOU! So how do you get involved? Well see this page, and hackers can grab the code from Subversion here. We also have a Documentation Team, Art Team and Packaging Team. I have been working recently to build these different autonomous teams and they are growing nicely.

I look forward to seeing many of you at LUGRadio Live 2006 this weekend!

  • behavedave

    Maybe a screencast is in order seeing as it is such a popular thing to do recently.

  • Félim Whiteley

    Just a thing I was wondering about. The way you are smoothing out all the waveforms with Cairo does that not defeat the purpose of see the waveform. I’m not a big audiophile but few times I have played with editors I usually zoom right down to edit out clicks or static, and only way to do it is by seeing it. If cairo makes it look all smothed does it not eliminate that toolset ?

    BTW Thanks for LRL Jono, you and the lads did an awesome job. Was fantastic !! 😀

  • jono

    Hey Félim,

    The idea behind the waveforms is to again rethink what you use a waveform for. Although most editors have those incredibly jaggy lines, in reality most musicians use waveforms as a means of identify levels. For this reason, we have simplified the waveform, so you can still get the information, but there is less to take in and looks more attractive.

    As for the effect of Cairo smoothing on it. Most people don’t use waveforms for any kind of detailed level analyis anyway – they are typically used for an approximate representation of levels, and are largely used in a relative way (how one bit of the song compares to another bit when it comes to level).

    Thanks for coming to LRL – great to meet you. :)

  • Félim Whiteley

    And that’s the reason why you make music and I don’t. Thanks for the info, I thought it was used for more than just levels. Fair enough. Really looking forward to giving this a shot. Hmmm now if only it was in Gentoo 😉

  • jono
  • Félim Whiteley

    LOL no way, I searched before and never found it… I shall be a Jokoshering asap 😀

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  • jono

    Back up now. :)