LUGRadio Live is over…

…and it was awesome. Thanks to every single one of you who came along – you made the months of preparation worthwhile. The blogs and write-ups are still coming in, but the general response seems to have been very positive, and the four of us are chuffed to bits.

The worst thing about the event was that I wanted to experience it in so many different ways. I wanted to sit down and talk for hours with so many people there about serious and important subjects, I wanted to be social and have a laugh, I wanted to get to know all of you while you were there, I wanted to fire up laptops and compare code, I wanted to talk about community inclusion and get people’s opinions… Ultimately I tried to experience it with a combination of the above, but I still feel like I missed so many opportunities. I suppose you just can’t be in all the places all the same time.

There are few occasions when you see true community in action, but this weekend was one of them. Thanks everyone, and thanks to the #lugradio faithful for making the Sunday night a great finale. Each and every one of you made topped off a great weekend. :)

  • Andrew Montgomery

    It was a fantastic weekend and a shame that I couldn’t speak to everyone and see everything. It was great meeting you in person, as well as the other people I met. I’m looking forwards to the videos and audio downloads.

    Pity I didn’t manage to give you a game of Polarity, I would have loved to kick your ass at it 😀

    /me remains the undefeated Polarity champion of LRL06

  • raetsel

    It really was an excellent event. I could only make the Sunday and the talks I went to were all excellent, I’m gutted I missed the Saturday.

    What impressed me most was the way everything was so well organised, sound systems set just right, speakers running to time etc. and yet it still had that friendly relaxed and slightly anarchic feel.

    Well done to all the organisers.

  • Steve Lamb

    Thanks for hosting such a good event. I thoroughly enjoyed debating technical matters with the LUGRadio community. Like you I’d have liked to be able to spend more time listening to each talk and joining each Birds of a Feather session.:evil:

  • Paul Mellors

    well i thought it was rubbish 😉 and i definately won’t be back next year for more…

  • kNo’

    heeeeey macarena! schpung

  • Simon Osborne

    LUGRadio Live was awesome!!! I really enjoyed the weekend hugely. Shame that the tram from Birmingham to Wolverhampton had some issues on the saturday which resulted in a 30min journey taking over an hour but… I got there in the end.

    Well done to the LUGRadio team, and all the helpers! Roll on next year.

  • Harsh but fair

    It’s all Jono Bacon’s Fault…

    He doesn’t know this of course so you can’t really blame him. See I’ve been been using Linux, sorry GNU/Linux, on and off since about 1998, though more off than on, (until about 12 months ago (K)ubuntu entered my life quickly became …

  • mrben

    It was awesome. Mind blowing. And, like everyone else I imagine, there were loads of things I didn’t get to see that I wanted to. But then – the secret is always making people want to come back for more….