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Job done.

jono@forge:~/temp/Jokosher$ svn copy trunk tags/0.1 A tags/0.1 jono@forge:~/temp/Jokosher$ svn commit Adding tags/0.1 Committed revision 465. jono@forge:~/temp/Jokosher$ Its coming…

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Trains, where we are going, we don’t need trains

Bugger. There is a threatened rail strike this weekend; the weekend of LUGRadio Live 2006. Firstly, here are some useful links if you are coming to LUGRadio Live 2006 and planned on getting the train: More details on the strike Updated travel details on the LUGRadio Live 2006 site Car Pooling wiki – if you […]

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LUGRadio Live – this weekend!!

OK, one final blog post about the extavaganza that is LUGRadio Live 2006, happening this weekend – the 22nd and 23rd July in Wolverhampton, England. Its going to be one heck of an event, with a bunch of speakers: Mark Shuttleworth, Simon Phipps, Michael Meeks, Simon Willison, Stephen Lamb, Sarah Ewen, Scott James Remnant, Ted […]

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Bockmeister General, your time will come, and I will be stood there laughing. I hope you never need to do any multi-track audio editing. Incidentally, Aaron, what in the name of crack smoking is that header graphic on your blog all about? A dog sat in a chair watching TV with a fire behind him […]

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Banish The Beard: Donate Now!

You know, I love my beard. I love its length, girth and breadth, its unique whispy feel and its oh-so-metal look. I have had it for six years and it completes me. Despite my affection to the little fella under my chin, I am willing to shave it off for charity at LUGRadio Live 2006. […]

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This is what free software is about

A while back I asked if Elliot could upgrade my Nokia 770 to the new firmware as he had done it on his own 770. Despite following the instructions precisely, and performing exactly the same steps, the poor guy had problems flashing it and the 770 was left in a somewhat battered and broken state, […]

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The return…

…of the Jokosher Mailing List!! Thanks to those happy-smiley people at, we now have a brand spanking new Jokosher mailing list. This one should prove to be more reliable as it does not live on an ADSL connection. I have subscribed as many of the original list subscribers as I could find in my […]

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Busy days

Wow, life is busy right now. Lots of things going on, and lots of preparation for some big things. Here is whats filling my waking hours these days: LUGRadio Live 2006 planning is going apace. We have pretty much everything in order now, and its good to see it solidifying. Things like art, banners, printed […]

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Jokosher is people

Recently I have noticed how a few people seem to think that Jokosher is my project, and mine alone. I assume the reason for this is that I blog about Jokosher quite a lot, designed much of the GUI, and formed the basis of the project with my posts on the LUGRadio Forums. I want […]

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Thinking about GNOME 3.0

As many of you will know, I am quite the usability pervert. Understanding how people use computers and creating better and more intuitive interfaces fires me up, and the mere idea of GNOME 3.0 is interesting to me. The reason why I find GNOME 3.0 exciting is that it presents a dream for us; we […]

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