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Guess what?

If you are going, get yours!

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Microsoft supports OpenDocument

Well, after years of pushing the interoperability line, Microsoft do seem to be actually entertaining the concept of working with others with the announcement that Microsoft Office 2007 with support OpenDocument Format. I am sure the news sites will be crawling with this any time now, but what does it actually mean for us? Is […]

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New site, Planet GNOME and LUGRadio Live

Firstly, after my custom site punched me in the face one too many times, I have moved to WordPress. My old site was becoming a little too unwieldy, and the benefits of moving to WordPress outweighed the disadvantages. So, check out and its snazzy new design. Secondly, hello Planet GNOME! Finally, LUGRadio Live 2006 […]

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770 shazaa and hog skinnery

The majestic Michael ‘Elleo’ Sheldon has been hacking on some interesting Jokosher stuff recently. Firstly, he has been hacking on GStreamer to make high end sound cards such as the Delta 44 and Delta 1010 work properly in GStreamer. This involved a bug report and then a patch that fixed the alsasrc to make it […]

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Designing Jokosher Remote

A while back I got a Nokia 770 from work. I was quite looking forward to getting my hands on one, and it turned out to be a pretty nice little device. Obviously, it supports the full on GTK/GStreamer jazz, and my mind started rolling with ideas for applications. One such application was Jokosher Remote. […]

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