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Transparency in process

As I finish up my few remaining days at OpenAdvantage, a few people have mailed me with comments and thoughts about the recent update debacle with Ubuntu. Personally, I have not wanted to blog about it as I have not had a huge amount to bring to the discussion, but Mark’s post brings up some […]

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Getting started with GStreamer with Python

You know, there are tonnes of undocumented things out there. Really, really cool technologies that should be getting used more are not getting used as much because there lacks decent docs. And, to make matters worse, the developers naturally just want to get on and write the software. So, I would like to urge everyone […]

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New song: Beating Heart

I am proud to announce my brand new song, Beating Heart. This is a thick, heavy, catchy metal tune with plenty of bouncy riffs, pounding double bass drums and a melodic chorus. The song is about the rather grubby subject of war, and looks at how both sides can justify their position. Full lyrics are […]

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End of an era

You know, its odd enough when leaving a job, but its even stranger when you stop working with people you really respect. Today was my last day working with Elliot as he is training tomorrow and on holiday for my final week. I have a huge amount of respect for Elliot. Not only is he […]

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ATTN: Dear Sir/M, I am Mr.Jono Bacon. an Auditor of a BANK OF THE JONO BACON,WOLVERHAMPTON (NFSFG). I have the courage to Crave indulgence for this important business believing that you will never let me down either now or in the future. Some years ago, an English welder /tradesman with the York Trailers company, made […]

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All men play on 10

Metal fans, tonight we (Seraphidian) uploaded some demo recordings of our new tunes, recorded live in my home studio. We have uploaded Death Blow, Bludgeon, Into Nothing and Intergression. Go listen to them here. On them I sing and play guitar. Also, last night I wrote a Jokosher 0.2 update.

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Getting video off MythTV and onto a DVD

Today Sooz pointed out that our MythTV box did not tape something last night, and it turned out it was 99% full. This is not unsurprising as it has full seasons of The West Wing, 24, Sleeper Cell, Prison Break, Charmed (hers), Medium (hers), The Ghost Whisperer (hers) and much more on there. With it […]

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Raising the bar: Awesome Python and PyGTK tutorials

You know, one of the things I love about the Open Source community is when people demonstrate quality in so many different areas. Every so often someone steps up and demonstrates something they have been working on that is well written, and raises the bar. You can see this in a number of places, but […]

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My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps…check it out

You know, there are two things that bug me about most sites running WordPress: Its almost impossible to find someones email address. Its almost impossible to find their entries and comments RSS feeds. Surely these are fairly straightforward needs, at least the first one.

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Glade 3 released

Just a quick note. This week a new release hit the streets that seems to have gone rather unnoticed – Glade 3 was released! Glade has always played an important role in GNOME and GTK development, and has had a troubled past with some rather quiet spots. I think anyone who has used Glade has […]

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