It returns…

To all of you unbelievers:

The Beard II: This time its personal

  • Andreas Nilsson

    Wow, you look like…not a junkie or something. ;P

  • Jon Fautley

    Well, it’s getting there… but it’s nowhere near as mighty as it was before!

    Any word from Ted @ Novell? Has he fashioned it into some sort of lizard-warmer?

  • neuro

    You sure you haven’t just painted some Dorito crumbs black and stuck em on your chin?

  • Nik Butler

    Jono ! wait ! thats a Hair follicle not a zit ! you’ll never squeeze it out !

  • winter
  • Lori Holden

    I think it looks attractive short. I liked how it looked just after you got it cut but before you shaved it. Please no 8″ beard thingy :)

  • winter

    but if its a 8″ jobbie, he be perfect for burning small lancashirian villages to the ground

  • jono

    Thanks for the interesting comments. 😛

    Andreas, thanks. I cherish your kidn comment, but maybe I should snort some bulgarian jumping powder to make me like more of a junkie? 😛

    Jon, hah! it will be mighty! As for Ted, not heard what he has done with it, which is concerning. What is even more concerning is that his blog post about the beard shaving is apparently one of the most popular posts on Some people have too much time on their hands…

    winter, you know, I did once consider an Immortal type beard. I saw them play at Wacken a few years back and the Badgers of Metal were awesome!

    Lori, thanks. I think this one is going to be shorter.

  • Ted Haeger

    Truth be known, I smoked it.

  • ange

    NO, it can’t be true !

  • Landstalker (Lee)

    So, let me get this right. You shaved your beard off just as I started to grow mine again! Typical 😆