Season 3 closes

Hey, guess what? LUGRadio Live and Unleashed 2006 has been released in audio and video form. Go and grab it, and don’t forget to help seed the video torrent.

Well, thats the end of Season 3. It has been one hell of a ride, and I want to give great thanks to my three great pals who I co-present with, and of course the incredible community spread across the forums, #lugradio, planet and our awesome mirror maintainers. This fantastic community has spread across the world into virtually all countries, and we never ever forget how awesome you folks are.

Also, thanks to the ever amazing Bytemark who have supported us hugely in terms of hosting and sponsorship for LUGRadio Live. If you need hosting, get one of their VMs, they are awesome.

Bring on Season 4 in September… :)

  • Chris

    Wake me up when September rolls around :~)

  • Troy

    Is there any reason Matt’s blog isn’t part of

  • jono

    Troy – yeah, we decided that he was just too boring, reserved and uninteresting, and he is too short and angry.

    Just kidding! No, I am not sure to be honest, the LUGRadio team don’t maintain the planet, the community do.

  • Matthew Revell

    I keep moaning to them about it but the ninjas are too lazy to sort it out :)

  • neuro

    oi, no dissing the ninjas :)

  • WTFShelley

    When ever you guys mention the ‘syadmin ninjas’ i remember the old web comic Anst Technology

  • Timmy Mallet