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You know, there are two things that bug me about most sites running WordPress:

  • Its almost impossible to find someones email address.
  • Its almost impossible to find their entries and comments RSS feeds.

Surely these are fairly straightforward needs, at least the first one.

  • Rudd-O

    As for the feeds… they appear on the navigation bar as the familiar RSS icon of your browser. Works with Konq and Firefox.

    As for the e-mails… yes, sadly most bloggers don’t bother to create a page that says “Contact me” with an e-mail address. I too have had to endure pains to contact, say, WP plugin developers, and send them patches for their software, only to find out they did NOT have any means to be contacted. Brilliant people committing the IDIOCY of not putting a simple contact page up. Angers me every time.

    Shit, I’m angry again. Oh, well, I’ll hold on 3 minutes. Cheers, mate.

  • sil

    Most RSS aggregators will also be able to find the feed given just the address of the website, by finding it in the same way that Firefox can; it’s called RSS autodiscovery, and WP implements it automatically. No-one should ever have to actually look at a feed directly or a URL for a feed directly, in my opinion.

    You’re right about email addresses, though.

  • dsas

    You can nearly always assume that the blog feed is the sites URL with feed/ appended, feeds for individual entries follows the same rule.

    Overall comments feeds can be found at the site url with “?feed=comments-rss2″ appended

    By the way, your “blog entries” rss feed button in the right side bar points towards

  • Tony

    It’s mostly theme specific. The Classic WordPress theme includes links to both the main and comments RSS feeds. I have preserved them on my site. If they aren’t in a particular theme then it’s because the designer removed them. It should be easy enough to reinstate them.

    The e-mail address I added to my nav bar, but for all I know there might be an option somewhere to display it.

  • jono

    I know that RSS autodiscovery is included by default, but there is still no easy way in which I can subscribe to the feed in bloglines or another feed reader – it is only really suitable for Firefox. I know I could search for the site in Bloglines and subscribe to it, but it is convenient to visit a site, like it, and want to subscribe from the site.

    dsas – thanks for pointing out the bug in my RSS feed on the right, fixed now. :)

  • Tony

    “I know that RSS autodiscovery is included by default, but there is still no easy way in which I can subscribe to the feed in bloglines or another feed reader – it is only really suitable for Firefox.”

    Most feed readers should pick up on the meta tag in the page header. Akregator (KDE) and Liferea (GNOME) do. So you just subcribe to, say, and it follows the redirect to then looks in the page header for the meta tag and fetches the content from the RSS feed. Easy from a user perspective really.

  • jono

    Tony – yeah, I suppose you are right. I think my only issue is that I would like to subscribe from the website instead of subscribing from inside the feed reader.

  • neuro

    This is less a problem with WordPress than it is with the templates people use.

  • mrben

    Surely if you’re contacting a blogger, you just leave a comment?

    I think that emails are excluded by default because most people don’t want to publicise their email on a blog. It’s not as if it’s hard to add.

  • Piers Cawley

    One thing about keeping the same email address for 10 years is that you get incredibly blas̩ about handing it out Рthe spammers already have it.

    Email hiding is all very well, but it doesn’t really harm the spammers all that much (does anyone actually a ‘real’ email address that hasn’t had someone attempt to spam it?) and it does make life hard for someone with a legitimate reason to send you mail to find your address.