All men play on 10

Metal fans, tonight we (Seraphidian) uploaded some demo recordings of our new tunes, recorded live in my home studio. We have uploaded Death Blow, Bludgeon, Into Nothing and Intergression. Go listen to them here. On them I sing and play guitar.

Also, last night I wrote a Jokosher 0.2 update.

  • Tom Moitie

    So you upload them on a site where they use Flash 9 :(

  • jono

    Well I am running Flash 7, and it works fine. Maybe gnash will work with it?

  • Rob Caskey

    actually…these men go to 11

  • townx

    Jono gone-o…

    Well, it’s finally happened: Jono has left OpenAdvantage. Before he did, he made some kind remarks about me on his blog, which I found very touching. So I thought I should reciprocate.

    Before Jono started working at OpenAdvantage, I was a bit in awe:…