New song: Beating Heart

I am proud to announce my brand new song, Beating Heart.

This is a thick, heavy, catchy metal tune with plenty of bouncy riffs, pounding double bass drums and a melodic chorus. The song is about the rather grubby subject of war, and looks at how both sides can justify their position. Full lyrics are available with the song.

DOWNLOAD: Ogg (9.1MB) MP3 (6.3MB)

  • Alexandre Franke

    Is it only drum, voice and guitar? I think it lacks some bass. Of course you used Jokosher for that one, didn’t you 😉 ?

    BTW: cool stuff

  • taj

    Hey Jono,

    This is the first time I’ve heard your stuff since the old days (“dead of night”), and I must say your production and guitar skill has really come a long way. Hats off. I like the clickety Ray Herrera-style drums!

  • jpl

    Why is the OGG 50% bigger than the MP3? I usually see a 50% decrease in size in favor of OGG, for a given bit rate.

  • Carlos Garnacho

    Hey Jono!,

    Great song! BTW, a little question, what app did you use to sample the drums? I still haven’t found any that made me happy with the results…

  • jono

    Thanks for the kind comments people. :)

    Carlos – the drum sounds are on my Roland kit. The drums you hear on the track are me playing a real full-size electronic kit like a normal kit.

  • Carlos Garnacho

    Wow! then you’ve got good control with the bass drum :)

  • Juanjo

    Yeah, nice song. I agree with #1 that it lacks of a bass, may be with little distortion (the song remembers me to Pantera, so a distorted bass should fit :D).

    Kewl song.

  • jono

    Yeah, it does sound a little weak in the bass area. There is indeed a pounding bass guitar in there, I justthink I made the same mistake that Metallica did on And Justice For All… 😛

    This is a lesson in mastering – it sounds awesome on my studio monitors – just not on laptop speakers. 😛

  • curson

    I can feel the Pantera side of it, but it’s not just like because of that that I like it. Actually the only thing I can say not 100% positive about it (after just 2 listenings) is that the drums is really feeling a lot electronic to me: it’s just too timed and perfect, seems fake :p But maybe it’s just my perception of it that’s wrong. Good job! :) I’ll look for more of your work.

  • jono

    curson – thanks for the comments. In recent years my drumming style has been hugely influenced by Decapitated – machine gun bass drums with a machine line feel – just powerful, dominant bursts of double bass. It doesn’t surprise me that it sounds a little too rigid as that is the style. Also, they do sound electronic, particularly the cymbals. I like an electronic kick drum sound, and I like reasonably electronic toms, but unfortunatly I can’t get away from electronic cymbals. :(