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The Official Ubuntu Book is out!

Today when I got in from work there was a FedEx package containing one of these: This my friends, is the Official Ubuntu Book and it is out now! I am really pleased with how the book turned out, and it was a delight to work with Mako, Corey, Jonathan and Ivan. A special thanks […]

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Easing contributions for creative thinkers

MacSlow brings up some interesting points in his most recent post, and although his idea about the library he suggests makes perfect sense to me, I would like to broaden out the discussion a little to explore ways in which visually creative people and others can better help the desktop experience, without suffering through processes […]

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Presets in…feel the power

Recently I have been working on the presets code in Jokosher, and much of it is complete and working. It is pretty cool to be able to save and load effects presets from within Jokosher, and I am really looking forward to hearing how Jokosher users will come up with their own presets, of which […]

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Wow, thanks so much to everyone who posted such nice comments, sent such nice emails and made such nice phone calls. I am quite touched by the amount of support you lovely people have given me. Thanks. I have already had some really awesome feedback about issues and areas in which the Ubuntu community could […]

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Goodbye OpenAdvantage, hello Canonical

Well, after an awesome time working with my good friends at OpenAdvantage, I am moving on and recently handed in my notice to move to a new role at Canonical. On September 4th I start as the Ubuntu Community Manager, and I am raring to go. I have had a wonderful time at OpenAdvantage, and […]

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Season 3 closes

Hey, guess what? LUGRadio Live and Unleashed 2006 has been released in audio and video form. Go and grab it, and don’t forget to help seed the ( Well, thats the end of Season 3. It has been one hell of a ride, and I want to give great thanks to my three great pals […]

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Rock on GStreamer, rock on

Thanks to Frans van Berckel for mailing in to tell me about LiveSupport. This is a GStreamer based radio management application. Franz actually sent me the link to their development site, but I also had a poke around their main website and it looks like a pretty sweet tool, and another example of the awesome […]

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LADSPA update

Well, the server move was successful, and everything is back up and running. Thanks for your patience folks. I thought it was time I gave you a quick update on my LADSPA hacking in Jokosher. Although the code is by no means complete, more and more of it is working. Currently you can select an […]

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Server move happening soon

Yep, I am moving to a new server, so will go away for a day or so. If you can’t handle the pain, I recommend you take a screenshot, print it out and place it next to your pillow to remind you of the good times. Normal service will be resumed soon…

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It returns…

To all of you unbelievers: The Beard II: This time its personal

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