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Meet up confirmed for Saturday in Orlando

OK folks, the meetup on Saturday is now confirmed. Details: WHERE: Bennigans, 6324 International Dr Orlando, FL 32819 (near Wet n’Wild water park) – in the bar WHEN: 2pm, Saturday Sep 30th To find out details of the Bennigans, call them at 407-351-4435. It would be great to meet Ubuntu, LUGRadio, Jokosher people and anyone […]

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In Florida on holiday, possible meet up

Homies, I am on holiday in Florida for two weeks. Back October 6th. I will be checking my mail address occasionally. I may be meeting up with a few Open Source people on the afternoon of Sat 30th Sep at International Drive in Orlando. I am still waiting to see if this is confirmed. […]

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Kicking the Ubuntu LoCo engine up a notch

As I alluded to in my rather cheesily titled previous post, Ubuntu LoCo teams are important to me as a core way of building our incredible Ubuntu community up, and better hooking it together. Well, its been a few weeks since that post, so I figured I should fill you in on what I have […]

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I screamed aloud to the old man…

…I said dont lie dont say you dont know Erk…27 years ago today I was born. Nuts. 27 years! Bonus points for those who know the origin of this post’s title.

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New Song: Little Coal Nose

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest song – Little Coal Nose. This song is written about and dedicated to our little dachshund Banger who many of you will know unfortunately passed away recently. The song is a upbeat rock/metal song and I sing in it (no growling). One of the things […]

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Dear Lazyweb: Real-time kernels

I just don’t get them. I really don’t. For years, the perceived wisdom has been that if you want to record audio on Linux, you need a low-latency kernel, real-time kernel. The technical description is a kernel with real-time pre-emption, and the stock kernel that comes with most distros does not have this lovely goodness […]

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LinuxWorld Shazaa

Here in the UK, the Ubuntu UK team have been forming nicely. A relatively new group, there is a huge amount of interest in the team to help push, promote and support Ubuntu where possible in the UK. The team live on the ubuntu-uk mailing list and on #ubuntu-uk on I have been helping […]

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Words of wisdom

I have come to the realisation that you really find out what your friends and family think of you when you get birthday cards. I am worried there is going to be an international shortage of the words ‘fart’, ‘poo’, ‘turd’, ‘stud’ and ‘chortle’. I hit 27 on Sunday and there is still time!!! UPDATE: […]

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Season 4 is out

Season 4 of LUGRadio is now officially out. Here we go…

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Never forget

This blog gets syndicated round the houses these days, and I am sure some of you were touched personally by 9/11. My sympathies, and thoughts are with you all.

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