Start your engines

Well, this is day one of my new role at Canonical. I am just setting up chunks of infrastructure and getting things up and running.

I just wanted to post a quick entry to say that if anyone wants to get in touch with me regarding anything regarding the community, you can contact me at jono AT ubuntu DOT com. You can also catch me on with the rather unimaginative nick jono. Maybe I should change my nick to l33t-mad-skillz-666?

  • Rob…

    Not enough hyphens in that new nick!

  • Travis Reitter

    Just stick with your name. I’m just now finishing a recent migration away from the dumb nick I picked when I was 14 (and only IRC was kind enough to make the migration away from the 1337 in it easy) :smile:

  • Ben Wendt

    Hey, don’t take my nick! :(