Appearing on TLLTS tonight

I forgot to mention, tonight I am a guest on The Linux Link Tech Show. It begins at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, or at around 1.30am in the morning for me. 😛

Listen in by clicking:

  • Matthew Revell

    Splitter! :)

  • jono

    Yeah, decided to defect. Their presenters don’t smell. 😛

  • Linc

    Dann does too smell!

  • Judah

    Great interview! One of the best on the techshow!

    And I’ll leave you with this..

    “Take the shot, take the pain. Rebound! back again, Uncivilized reaction appeals to me. No restraints face reality.

    Never victim, always vice. Taking charge, desensitized. Do unto others, stay unbowed. You social misfit, you’re one of us now.

    Violence! Hey! violence! Electroviolence!!!”

    😈 :mrgreen:

  • jono

    Judah – thanks! \m/ Overkill \m/ !!!

    Incidentally, I met Blitz too once and he was awesome. :)