Do the LoCo-motion

(sorry, that was an awful pun for a post title)

This morning I got added to Planet Ubuntu, so hello!!

Since starting as UCM this week, I have been getting my feet wet in many different parts of the Ubuntu community. One particular area that I am concentrating on now are the LoCo teams. For those of you un-familiar with the lingo, a LoCo team is a collection of Ubuntu enthusiasts within the same geographical area. LoCo teams have sprung up all over the world, and you can see the comprehensive list of teams here. These teams are doing some awesome work with translations, advocacy, marketing and more.

LoCo teams are similar to Street Teams in the music world. Street Teams are typically set up by a band or label as an on-the-ground, grassroots advocacy team. Many of these teams would canvas record shops with fliers, promote the band at venues, get promo discs to DJs, promote the band on local radio and more. Essentially, the team uses its ingenuity and enthusiasm to use its limited resources to make a big splash. You can see some awesome examples of advocacy if you look at local music scenes. The techniques tend to span from the normal to the insane – I remember we once did a gig and took along a few fake beard wigs. We took a photo of every single person in that venue wearing the beard when they came in and put the photos up on the big screen when we played. Not only did it add some humour to the evening, but news of the stunt spread far and wide and we got more fans because of it.

LoCo teams are just like Street Teams and share many of the similarities, but like street teams, they are less organised outside the scope of the immediate region. The Ubuntu project seems to have a stack of awesome LoCo teams, but they don’t really interact together, share ideas and experiences and consult together on how to best run a team. This is totally understandable, and exactly the same happens with many other types of user group. But, in the same way we discovered that working together makes great software, I am positive that working together can make great teams. :)

So, I am working to help these teams work together and collaborate a little more. I outlined some of my thoughts in a mail to loco-contacts and also kicked it off asking people for introductions. From chatting to many of these different groups over the last few days, we have some really great personalities in the many different teams, and some great is going on. I am really looking forward to working with these teams. :)

  • Lasse Bigum

    This is actually a very good idea!

    Also, an idea would perhaps to make “webkits” similar to what popular games sometimes do (did?).

    Another thing that I would be most interested in, is grassroot marketing material. I wouldn’t mind spending some bucks on printing (my idea at the time) a largish (A3?) poster that had room for Ubuntu CD’s on it, that people could borrow, along with my e-mail address for further assistance.

    See my original thread here:

    Moved on to Gentoo since, but I track Ubuntu pretty closely 😎

  • nathan eckenrode

    I am very interested in this idea and would like to be more active in this area. I agree that there needs to be more communications between the LoCo groups.

    A week ago, yesterday, Og Maciel and I were at the United Nations demonstrating and answering questions about Ubuntu for a seminar that their training group was holding to discuss the issue of Open Source Software. There was a Microsoft guy there who is appointed to the UN. There were many other Corporate interests represented there, it was nice to have some community representation in that room making a contribution to the discussion.

    I’d like to be able to return to future events at the UN, and be prepared to give a talk about Ubuntu.

  • Andy Wingo

    Jono that was way past normal cheesy, onto the realms of christian-schaller-cheesy. Be ashamed!

  • jonobacon@home » Kicking the Ubuntu LoCo engine up a notch

    […] As I alluded to in my rather cheesily titled previous post, Ubuntu LoCo teams are important to me as a core way of building our incredible Ubuntu community up, and better hooking it together. Well, its been a few weeks since that post, so I figured I should fill you in on what I have been up to. […]

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