We will always love you

This has got to be the hardest blog entry I have ever written, as tears stroll down my face. I never ever thought I would need to write this so soon.

Last night our sweet little dachshund Banger passed away. As we got to our friends house for her to look after Banger and Frankie this weekend, Banger started having difficulty breathing. We took him to the emergency vets where it turned out he has a collapsed left lung and twisted stomach. The vet recommended an emergency operation, but said it would be risky. Alas, it was not to be. He passed away last night at around 10pm.

The vet asked if we would allow an autopsy so find out what went wrong – we have no idea what happened, and even more so now I work from home and I sit in the same room as Banger and Frankie all day long. After the autopsy it turns out he had had a diaphragm hernia that was an old injury, possibly from running around, or jumping up and down, like puppies do. The vet said that anything, even something as small as exercise could have triggered the problems last night. It is very rare, and the vets had never seen it in their experience.

I can’t tell you enough how much we love our dogs, they really are members of the family, so right now we are feeling a pain that is unbearable. However, what keeps us going is knowing his short live was filled with happiness and he knew how much we loved him. We went to see him this afternoon, and it was nice to give him a kiss goodbye. This isn’t a goodbye though as we know he is with us now. :)

We will always remember the good memories with Banger, and I am sure he is looking over us right now. Take care sweet puppy.

Banger as a puppy

  • angelique

    Oh that’s soooooo sad. I feel with you. 😥

  • Jayne

    Oh Jono I’m so sad for you and Sooz, I can’t believe it as you’d not long just had him as well, he looked soooo cute. It sounds like he had a really happy life with you two and you made him really, really happy. To be honest I don’t know what else to say, Sorry for your loss :sad:

  • Bruno

    Nala which grew up with me, passed away last year with the same problems. She was operated and was fine for a week, she had always felt like a puppy, even after 10 years, and that was how she was couple of days after the surgery. Still jumping around, and playing, always happy. Late that week, she passed away while sleeping. It’s the times we played together that makes it easier, but I feel sorry for growing up and loosing the time to play more with her.

    I feel with you.

  • http://tonywhitmore.co.uk Tony

    I’m so sorry to hear about Banger. I never met him in person, but felt like I knew him a bit through your blogs, photos and his untimely apperances on LUG Radio!

    It’s a really shit thing to happen, but take solace that you were there to keep him company and say a proper goodbye.

  • http://www.codepoets.co.uk David Goodwin


  • http://www.jedimoose.org mrben

    Man – that sucks :( I guess I was one of the fortunate few that got to meet him. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.

  • Foaf

    So sorry to hear about Banger. It sounds like he was really well loved and looked after in his short life.

  • http://www.theangryangel.co.uk/ the_angry_angel


  • http://www.episode-iv.de dennisl

    Really sorry to hear that, Jono. Our dog passed away about three years ago, I know what it must be like. It’s just like an important part of your family, of your life is suddenly missing. Just remember the great times you’ve had together.

  • http://macslow.thepimp.net MacSlow

    Very sad to hear such a young dog-chap run into the worst possible kind of trouble. Take my sincere condolences, Jono!

    Best regards…


  • http://www.the-shrike.net curson

    I’m really sorry for your loss. Everytime my cat is ill in some way, seems like the world is falling on me, so I can perfectly understand what you’re going through now.


  • retuow

    that sucks. He looks like a really nice dog. We lost our dog as well, I know how it feels… 😥

  • http://raetsel.wordpress.com raetsel

    Aww this is so sad. Sorry to hear this. Banger looked so cute in that picture.

  • http://blog.dickmorrell.org Dick Morrell

    Jono I’m really really sorry. People think that I’m hard nosed but I have a West Highland Terrier Eric who is pretty much my world. Last year I got in late from working on a server to find he’d had a massive stroke and I risked losing him there and then and a 90mph (at least) drive to the vets down the M3 ended up with me nursing him for five days and nights on barbituates etc. A diagnosed collapsed heart valve lead to a stroke and a year on I’m lucky that although he looks 4 (he’s 12) he’s still with me. To lose him would have been unthinkable after all he’s my best mate too.

    I really really understand how you feel and I am so sorry for your loss. Dogs become an extension of who we are and I put him above work above everything he’s the reason I work from home the last five years and that says everything.

    They’re not pets – they’re just little people who have more rights than we do and I’m gutted that you’ve had to go through this.

  • Uwe

    Gosh – i’m so sorry for you. I have tears in my eyes reading this. Everytime my doggie scratches himself too long or breathes strange my heart nearly stops. Now that i look sad he even comes here to comfort me …

    All the best to you and your family. Dogs shouldn’t die!

  • Chad

    I would just like to echo the condolences already expressed. Pet’s are such a wonderful part of any family. So full of unfaltering love and devotion… I will miss the occasional interuption in the background of LUGRadio episodes. My thoughts are with you and Sooz tonight.

    Best Regards from across the pond. Chad

  • http://www.beerandspeech.org/ Simon Morris

    Awww, that sucks. I’ve heard of dogs having problems with twisted stomachs before but I guess you never think it will happen to yours.

    So sorry to hear that :(

  • Cydermaster

    My thoughts are with you & yours.


  • http://neuro.me.uk/ neuro

    I only just found out about this after finding the new LR ep dedicated to Banger. I still remember the hurt of losing my pet cat years ago, so I know what you and Sooz are going through.

    As I said to you on IRC, I was listening to The Banger Beat on my iPod on Saturday afternoon, talk about strange timing.

  • Steve Badboy

    Ahhh dude thats awful man, that pup was cooler than a snowmans frosite bits! My thoughts are with you and sooz, you know where I am if you need anything.

  • Adriano

    I really sorry. I also love my pet, and also lost another one some time ago. In fact they are/were not my pets, but my friends. And I see you feel the same. Take care.

  • Ginny

    Jono – I’m so sorry to hear about Banger. I had tears in my eyes when I was reading what had happened to him. We thought we were going to lose our dog, Holly, this summer and it was heartbreaking. I can only imagine how you and Sooz are feeling at the moment. We are thinking of you. x

  • Elliot Smith

    Sorry to hear that, mate. Bummer.

  • http://www.aris-os.org Marcos

    I know how u feel, my dog died last night in front of me. :-(

  • jono

    Thanks everyone for such profoundly moving comments. Sooz and I have been incredibly moved by them all.

    Marcos – our thoughts are with you too.

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  • http://www.aris-os.org Marcos

    Sorry, about that post #26, the Planet Aris one, i dont know how it got here, delete it plz

  • jono

    Marcos – don’t worry, its fine, it was a trackback. :)

  • Daniel S. Kennedy

    Aw man, I am so sorry. :(

    Just try and remember the happy memories. :)

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  • James “ConvertOne” Dalley

    Can’t wait to hear it if you release it… My sympathies..

  • Michael Erskine

    Sad to hear this news – I once put Banger in the ELLR cartoon but I never met the little guy 😥 – we just lost one of our animal guests here too – our hamster Harry Houdini was very old in hamster years and went off to sleep one night last week – we buried him in the garden and cried and cried. Take care Jono and Sooz.

  • http://www.jonobacon.org/?p=768 jonobacon@home » New Song: Little Coal Nose

    […] This song is written about and dedicated to our little dachshund Banger who many of you will know unfortunately passed away recently. The song is a upbeat rock/metal song and I sing in it (no growling). One of the things I loved most about Banger was his little black nose that looked like a lump of coal….hence the song. I didn’t want to create the typical morbid, sad dedication song, but something that remembers the good times. […]

  • http://www.leenukes.co.uk Landstalker

    Not been around on the main page much, or the irc channel. Only just read about this. Sorry to hear of your loss Jono.

    Best wishes,


  • Neil


    I am a lugradio listener in the US and we also have dog as well as cats, I just saw this entry on the LR home page, you have my deepest sympathies. We lost a cat a few years ago to cancer and we still think of her quite fondly. Here is to you and your good memories of Banger. Best regards.

    –Neil, Mountain View, CA

  • Teresa Shortall

    I feel so very sorry for your loss, we lost our cat “THE PUSS” only one week ago and my heart is still so broken.

  • http://kempton.ideasRevolution.com kempton

    Hi Jono,

    I came across an article written by you (the 2004 “people watching” one at oreillynet.com) by random chance and a few clicks later, I saw your lovely puppy and the really sad news. Oh, I feel so so sorry for your loss.

    Take care, Kempton Canada

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  • http://zx-81.com sparkes

    Dude I just heard. I’m very sad to hear this news right now as my rabbit died in my arms last week and now I have to face the fact that at 12+ years my border collie isn’t getting any younger and I have no idea how I will cope when he passes away.

    My thoughts are with Suze, Frankie and yourself even if I am a couple of months late

  • jono

    Thanks sparkes – sorry about the Rabbit too. :(

  • george


  • jill

    :sad:My chihuahua passed away yesterday xmas eve while I was at work and although my son sat with him to the very end i fel guilty for not being there and my heart is breaking for him how do you cope with this pain I miss him so much

  • jono

    jill – don’t feel guilty, just remember all the great days. It is tough, but the pain will get better, you just need to focus on the good times. My thoughts are with you this Christmas.

  • Barry

    So sorry to hear everyones loss, i lost my 2 year old Dylan just suddenly 2 nights ago, hes taken part of my heart, i was very honoured that he spent that short tme with me i miss him so much, Harvey my other 7 month dog is also lost without him, i take comfort from eveyone who has posted comments on this site

  • jono

    Barry – sorry to hear about your loss. It does get easier, rest assured.

  • Barry

    Thank you he had an old soul and touched alot of people.

  • Dana

    I am soooo sorry to hear that. We had to put our doggie down on Jan 19. She was 12. I miss her everyday. We will all meet again in heaven.

  • http://N/A Tiffany

    Jono, I am so sorry to read of your beloved Banger. I came acrossed your blog because I too lost my dog (December 5th) and was seeking some solace online. My beloved Versace died right in front of me too. Here it is over 2 months later, and I still cry everyday. So, please know, there are others in the same boat as you and are thinking of you. I know Banger and Versace are running around happy as can be on this day – Valentine’s Day!


  • grace

    hi my heartfelt sympathy.my beloved starksy, a mutt, passed away just a week ago. his illness began as anal sac tumors and he’s undergone 3 surgeries in his butt area. Icry every afternoon exactly at the time i sit down to workd in my study and he sits beside my feet, always on the watch. I love him so much. Pets are friends to us, not just friends but symbols of devotion, love and all that is good. I have no one to share this grief. We just have to hold on i guess. The best part is the loving memories.

  • Wes

    i know how u feel, i lost my little shawny at 8 months old. i loved her with all my heart and then a freak accident took her from me.your in my thoughts

  • http://google vicky

    sorry to hear about banger. i lost my old boy ben last night (10/12/08) the vet told my hes heart was givening up. i know in my heart he has gone to the right place and is resting in pace. our other dog keeps lookinh for him,