Words of wisdom

I have come to the realisation that you really find out what your friends and family think of you when you get birthday cards. I am worried there is going to be an international shortage of the words ‘fart’, ‘poo’, ‘turd’, ‘stud’ and ‘chortle’.

I hit 27 on Sunday and there is still time!!!

UPDATE: A few people have been a bit confused as to which Sunday I hit 27. It is Sunday 17th September – this coming Sunday.

  • Jan

    ah, to be so young and yet already so corrupted.

  • Steve Badboy

    27!? Damn your knocking on abit! Wheres the stannah stairlift on your wishlist? Oh, thats right its on your “Must buy very soon as i’m old and filling my pockets with werthers originals as we speak” list?:lol: Happy birthday for sunday matey!:grin:

  • http://ImPersian.com Mehdi

    Happy birthday Jono and wish you all the best and sucess… warm wishes form Persia :smile:

  • Dean

    Hit 27… I just beat 43 to death….

  • http://blog.adamsweet.org/ Adam Sweet

    Jeez, I didn’t know. I was even at your house on Sunday.

    Happy birthday, old toad :)

    Man, I hit 30 in about 6 weeks :(

    27 isn’t so bad. 29 is when it gets dicey.

  • http://blog.adamsweet.org/ Adam Sweet

    Err… Oh.


  • Nik Butler

    You young whipper snappers dont even know your born. Hah its all micey windows and podules and MyFaces. We had none of that when I were a lad. If you wanted to play some game of soldiers youd get up in the morning before the sun rose and strap a tape deck to the computer and before it were lunch time youd be typing run and checking the magazine listing again to see if your program had been entered correctly. That as real computing !

    Nik Butler ( 36 )

  • http://ransomedhome.com Step

    Funnily enough I hit 27 in about a month. Congrats and Happy Birthday………..old man! 😉