I screamed aloud to the old man…

…I said dont lie dont say you dont know

Erk…27 years ago today I was born. Nuts. 27 years!

Bonus points for those who know the origin of this post’s title.

  • Carlos Garnacho

    bah! that’s easy :), “Can I play with madness” from Iron Maiden. Congrats! I also turned 27 recently, all I though is “gosh, being 30 is so near…” 😛

  • Federico

    D’oh ! I knew the origin of it too :-)

    BTW, being 30 is not that bad… i’m still able to code and immediatly recognize Iron’s lyrics too !!! 😎

  • Elroy

    Gratz! You shouldn’t give bonus points so easily, recognized the title before I read you offered point.

    Jusr reading the ” Jono’s world of metal” playlist, maybe I should listen to some of your songs. We kinda share a taste in music :) But I can’t play the guitar worth a damn

  • http://www.davidpashley.com JD

    You old git. When do you start drawing your pension, old man?

  • http://www.whiprush.org jorge

    If you wanna know the truth son, I’ll tell you the truth….

    … your soul’s gonna burn … in a lake of fiiiiiiiiiire.

  • http://blog.adamsweet.org/ Adam Sweet

    Happy birthday, old arsehole :)

  • http://www.beerandspeech.org/ Simon Morris

    Scream for me Wolverhampton…. SCREAM FOR ME WOLVERHAMPTON!!

  • http://www.beerandspeech.org/ Simon Morris

    Oh, and happy birthday obviously. I forgot that bit

  • Dom

    Hey dude – happy Birfday m8y. Just reminds me I only have a 16 months left of been in the 20’s .. SHIT !!

  • ConvertOne

    😈 Iron Maiden 7th Son of a 7th Son 1988 👿 😈 Can i play with madness 👿

  • jono

    Thanks folks! You are so damn kind! :)

    Also…Maiden fans unite!! 😀

    So, with the subject on Iron Maiden – fave song?

    Mine is Rime Of The Ancient Mariner from Powerslave, with Still Life from Piece Of Mind as a close second. :)

  • http://www.whiprush.org jorge

    Hallowed be thy Name!

  • http://www.jedimoose.org mrben

    Happy birthday Jono. Don’t worry – you’re still younger than I am! 😉

  • http://jaypee.org.uk jp

    too blind too blind to see, run to the hills

  • http://johnleach.co.uk/words/ John Leach

    I’m not embarrassed to admit that I knew it was an Iron Maiden reference. Though I needed the Internet to remind me of the exact song.

  • Ratty

    Fav Maiden song Gotta be Can I Play with Madness First song eva heard.

    oh and congrats on turning 27 I’m 28 so Closer to the big 30 than u ;P

  • ConvertOne

    Run for the hills 👿

  • LoudMouthman

    Gods I spotted the lyrics and then i realised that youd not have been older than my own daughter when id first heard a Iron Maiden track and im not sure I can remember which one it was but I do remember Eddie and Killers. man I feel as old as he looked!

    nik butler.. now listening , with some guilty pleasure, to “Story Tellers Night” .. not an Iron Maiden track but the vibe is close enough for now.