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Highlight your fave open musician

This is an important blog post, and everyone should read it and think about it. That includes you, who is already tempted to skip over this blog post and read Shame on you. Think of the children…. The whole ethos behind Jokosher is about making music production simple with Open Source, but part of […]

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Jokosher 0.2, nearly frozen

Well, after some months of hacking, Jokosher 0.2 enters its freeze at 12.00am on Nov 1st. 0.2 has a bunch of new features: Volume Curve Mixing – with an intuitive selection system, you can easily draw volume curves that occur in realtime. Effects Support – Jokosher 0.2 includes support for LADSPA effects. This opens up […]

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Internet people, meet Pepper, Pepper, meet the Internet people: This is our new mini long-haired dachshund, Pepper. My other half, Sooz, has set up a new community that tracks the fun and games of our two pups, Frankie and Pepper. Go and see mydoxiearmy. See this post for details of how we got him and […]

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Edgy upgrade

I just upgraded my main computer to Edgy. I have been running it for some time on my development laptop, but now my main box is up and running. It feels like a good solid release, and well done to the army of contributors who made it happen. Like anyone, I have my favourite applications, […]

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LinuxWorld Report

UPDATE: Sorry folks, I had to remove the inline photos as was getting hammered by the traffic. I have instead put links in. Offers of hosting to the usual address Well, that was LinuxWorld. The last two days have been extremely busy, but productive and great fun. I figured it would be worthwhile to […]

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LinuxWorld London is kicking arse. The Ubuntu army have taken hold and there is a buzz. The Jokosher boys are spreading the love. LUGRadio won an award for Best Marketing Campaign. More later when (a) I am not drunk and (b) I have time. Out.

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Heading to LinuxWorld

Right, down at LinuxWorld in London from later today until late Thursday. Plan of events: Tue Evening – Set up and a curry somewhere. Wed 25th Oct 2006 11.30am – 11.50am – Talk about Ubuntu on the IBM stand (free to view). Wed 25th Oct 2006 12.30pm – 1.30pm – Panelist on The Great Linux […]

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On transferring settings…

Why is it not easy and obvious to transfer settings from one computer to another? One example is transferring Evolution’s mail filters. There seems to be no easy approach. I want to click Backup Evolution’s Settings and it generate a file which I can transfer to my second machine, click Restore Evolution’s Settings, and everything […]

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An Open Source music process

As many of you will know, I have my own music at Recreant View. On that site I write and record all my own music and make it available under the Creative Commons. Well, for quite some time I have been thinking it would be cool to treat Recreant View as a project and get […]

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Making applications look schaweeeeet

When we started the Jokosher project, we wanted it to kick arse and take names when it came to usability, but also attractiveness. This is why my-friend-and-yours J5 is displayed in the New Project dialog, and why we have spent a lot of time on making Jokosher look attractive, yet neat. Dialog design is essential […]

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