Normal service is resumed

After an excellent two weeks away I am now back at work. Today is a good day to get back too – Sooz and I celebrate our 11th year together. 11 years ago I nervously asked her out at a band practise in Wootton, Bedfordshire. 11 years on I still love her as much as I did back then. Today she also starts her new role at the BBC. Tonight I cook, and if the planets line up just right, she won’t get food poisoning. 😛

So, back to work, and my profile is getting pumped with some fresh morning metal. I have thousands of emails to dig through, and I expect much of this morning, and potentially today, will be dedicated to that. If you have been in touch with me at my email address in the last few weeks, I hope to get to your mail today.

Some other things going on over the next few months:

  • On Friday I am keynoting at the KDE 10th anniversary event in Stuttgart. KDE is an astonishing project, and I am really looking forward to meeting a bunch of old and new flames there. :)
  • Tonight I am conference calling for the UK Linux & Open Source Awards 2006. I will also be attending the gala dinner on the 25th October at Millennium Gloucester hotel in Kensington.
  • I will be at LinuxWorld London on the 24th and 25th October. I will be there to speak, be on the Ubuntu stand, and also helping with the UK LoCo team Ubuntu stand, the Jokosher stand and meeting up for some community related events. I will post about this closer to the time.
  • November sees the fantastic Ubuntu Mountain View summit and it is shaping up really nicely with some fantastic people attending.

Finally, in a few weeks we pick up a new puppy to join our household. He will be called Pepper (short for Pepperoni to keep with the sausage related theme). He is a cream mini long-haired dachshund. Really looking forward to getting him and getting a playmate for Frankie since Banger has gone.

  • JD

    Shit, is it really 11 years? That’s really scary. I still remember your gig in Northampton. Well, bits of it. I seem to recall alcohol.

  • behavedave

    Whats with the change of opinion over KDE, I know at some point you were misdirected to Gnome and seem to have bashed the fine KDE project but I have read a few less biased comments of yours recently. What gives?

  • the_0ne

    Damn, finally a linux guy that listens to good music. Thought we all had to listen to techno pop or the Beatles to be installing/hacking linux.:smile:

  • jono

    JD – crazy eh? I remember that gig too – a bunch of us getting overly pissed, and I remember lugging along my huge Laney stack that was stupidly overpowered for a tiny rugby club. 😛

    behavedave – I haven’t changed my opinion. I have always admired the KDE team, and admired their project, despite having some disagreements in their direction. Always I have mentioned this in the past, recent work on KDE4 is identifying many of these issues and looking to fix them, so I am pleased that these problems are getting nailed. Irrespective of whether they fix the problems I identified or not, they are still an awesome project with an awesome team. I do admire a number of teams who do great work but in a direction I personally don’t agree with – examples include Cinelerra, mplayer and some others.

    the_0ne – thanks! \m/ Metal! \m/

  • tats

    good luck @ linux world. i went last year and wished i didnt: it was tiny, lots of suits, overpriced and little of interest to a perl/ linux sysadmin in a privately owned small company. i would loved to come along and say hello but shall be on hols this timearound, gl anyways 😀

  • jono

    Thanks tats! :)

  • Adam Sweet

    Heartiest congratulations from some random Turkish Cypriot Internet cafe with only fscking IE as a browser.