How to not get banned on Freenode

IRC is pretty important to my job. I spend all day, every day on it, talking to the community and working on various things.

Today I wanted to double check my /away was working, so I figured I would log on twice, join a random channel and test it. So, I logged on as jono and jono_ and then joined a random channel – I joined #asdfg.

Bad move. I got message saying I had been D-Lined. I was not sure what this mean’t but it clearly mean’t ahha! no IRC for you sucka!

Luckily, the awesome Ubuntu community came to my rescue and I almost immediately got an email from Melissa and a few seconds later David Symons called me and was trying to straighten it out with the Freenode admins. Thanks guys. Also thanks to Freenoder denny (an old flame from the Linux UK days) for helping too. :)

I cannot believe that there is a channel that can be accidentally joined by typing in a bunch of consecutive keys next to each other on a keyboard and it bans you. I could understand if I needed to join #q1gcyh75fdr5g6h7, but this is nuts.

I am currently awaiting a Freenode admin to wake up and un-ban me – I am now using an SSH tunnel to get at IRC. Would be nice if Freenode had network people awake during the day in my timezone to fix things like this.

So, whatever you do, never join #asdfg!

  • Will

    Did you at least get a glimpse of what goes down in #asdfg? I thought there was a policy against ssh port forwarding on freenode…

  • Flameeyes

    Yes, it would be good if there wouldn’t be such measures taken, but I’m not surprised, after all there are people tho finds funny just to troll all day long and cause annoyance to others for the pure sake of it (like GNAA), and this is likely to be a prevention measure for that.

  • Wade Mealing

    The freenode admins have done this because often windows infected botnets use channel names as such for a place for the botmaster to join.

    Banning is perhaps not the best solution to the problem, but hopefully it stopped some scripter from being able to use freenode as a bot launching network.

  • DJ

    I would speculate that the channel was used by some trojan/bot software. Many of them join an IRC channel and forward the data they acquire to it so that the recipient can collect it easily and remain mostly anonymous/untraceable.

  • raetsel

    Well I thought everyone knew #asdfg stands for Automatically Set D-Line For Group 😀

    If you were French you wouldn’t have this problem because of the keyboard layout. I wonder if there are equivalent combinations for non-English keyboards?

    Joking aside the fact there are no admins awake in the GMT timezone is a bit of an issue but what “leverage” is there to get someone to cover?

  • jono

    raetsel – we need to leverage our market opportunities in the enterprise space…maybe to synergise the effective outcome for vertical market opportunities. 😛

  • JD

    Not Denny De Le Haye by any chance?

  • Nik Butler

    Jono, I quite agree with Synergising but I think you’ll discover that the reason you got D-lined was you didn’t submit the new TPS report before accesing the site. I know a memo went around about it last week , maybe you didnt get the memo. I’ll get ron to forward the memo. Were using TPS reports to flag all those events, ohhh kay .

  • lilo


  • butler

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