Jokosher Hackfest

All you need to know:

  • Where: #jokosher on
  • When: Sunday 15th October 2006, all day
  • Who: Hackers, artists, docs writers, testers and anyone else :)

We hit feature freeze for 0.2 on Nov 1st, so this is the last hackfest before then. This is a great opportunity to come along and get involved in the community as the full team should be there. :)

  • Bob Dole

    You didn’t say what…how are people supposed to know what you’re even talking about on this blog post?

  • jono

    Bob – well, regular readers of my blog, and most people familiar with Planet GNOME (where my blog is often read) will know what Jokosher is. And, if all else fails, just open a web browser…type in and type in Jokosher. :)