Meetup near Stuttgart?

I will be at the Technische Akademie Esslingen in Ostfildern (near Stuttgart) all day on Friday for the 10th KDE anniversary event. If there are any Kubuntu, Ubuntu, LUGRadio, Jokosher or other Open Source people who want to meet up, post a reply here or drop me a mail.

  • Markus

    Hi There..

    I am Markus, from Ludwigsburg, a town near Stuttgart (an also the location of the aKademy in 2004 or 2005, iirc).

    It would be great to meet you, our new community manager :)

    As you also talked much about LoCo’s last time, I wanted to tell you, that most of the LoCo work in germany is more located in central or north germany.

    If you know people who are on the KDE anniversary and are also (K)ubuntu user, perhaps you and we could sit together in germany and think how we can get sth. up also here in south germany.

    If a meeting could happen, I can also put a news message up today at, the “offical” german (LoCo) ubuntu website, so perhaps some other guys from down here read it.

    I think it would be great, because south germany is strong in using Linux – just look at Munich, who has switched over to Linux with its whole government, also there are Schwäbisch Hall etc. – so I think also Ubuntu should be strong there 😉

    You can reach me under the mail adress I wrote down here, or at IRC @ freenode under my nickname mpathy

    Until then (perhaps) Markus “mpathy” Majer

  • jono

    Hey Markus,

    In addition to our conversation earlier, come and get me if you do manage to get along to the event. I will hopefully see you there. :)

  • Markus

    I had to look for my car, I got it back from the garage.. And now its too late.. sigh stress sucks..