Headset shooters?

Dear Lazyweb. One game I love playing on my PS2 is SOCOM Navy Seals. I enjoy it for two reasons:

  • It is a network multi-player first-person shooter with free online server access.
  • You can use the USB headset to talk to other plays on your team to create strategic plays.

Does any similar game exist for Linux? I would love to have an equivalent with the headset functionality – it really makes the game for me, and it makes me feel like Brittany Spears…which ain’t a bad thing. 😛

  • Rob Caskey

    Not that I know of. I enjoy playing Tremulous, and use Ekiga for 1-1 voice chat with a buddy whome I frequently play with. If you want more than that, Teamspeak is the way to go, but it is old, i386 binary only, etc. There is a FOSS clone called TeamBlippityBlappity (or something like that), that uses the TS2 protocol, but I haven’t used it. There is currently no FOSS server, although the protocol is fairly well documented.

  • Pokute

    I think that Unreal Tournament 2004 has a linux port.

  • http://www.tulsaspinehospital.com jcanfield

    Enemy territory with teamspeak is my game of choice. Free game and free speak.

  • tom

    truecombat:elite (modern combat mod for enemy territory) + teamspeak

  • Straphka

    Like mentioned earlier, you can install unreal tournament 2004 from the install cd (linux installer included)

    Just make sure you are using a blob driver if you have ATI or Nvidia:roll:

  • Aneglus

    Well, tremulous is fine but lake good players I think (I’m not a good player but…) there isn’t any built in feature which let you speak with other player and TS is not widespread.

  • nonnano

    Americas Army. The Linux client development has stopped (for time being) but the recent versions are still playable and there are servers around. The game also owns almost every other game, excluding BF2 of course.

  • http://jimmac.musichall.cz Jakub Steiner

    Give Enemy Territory a whirl. The fun of teamplay surpases SOCOM by miles. You need a 3rd party conferencing software like the mentioned teamspek or ekiga etc…

  • thrift

    definately try ET. You’ll need to get a third party voice app like TS though.

  • http://www.jedimoose.org mrben

    There is a script for integrating TeamSpeak with ET, written by one of the #lugradio elite – mavit!

    It automagically swaps teams and stuff. It also works with True Combat: Elite and Tremulous \o/