New Song: Voices Of Freedom

I am pleased to present my brand new song – Voices Of Freedom.

I wrote this song while on holiday in Florida, and it is a nice, bouncy, acoustic song that I think is fairly catchy. A different style for me, so a bit experimental. I am quite pleased with it though. :)

I actually wrote this song about free software and the people who make it happen. It is about taking a stand and having an impact on the world. The lyrics are all written about the ethos and spirit of the free software community.

Oh, and incidentally, with each new release I would love to see any suggested art for a CD cover to go with the track. I am also interested in musicians who fancy transcribing the music so other people can play it. I can imagine this song would be a good tune to sing around campfires with a bunch of geeks sat around, so the chords and tab would be useful. :)

Download the Ogg or MP3.

  • The 1990’s

    Can we have our music back too please. We miss it.


  • jono

    Heh, I can see a theme growing… 😛

  • artfwo

    Can we see the lyrics please?

  • jono
  • Suzan

    Nice! The introduction is a little bit long. But that’s only my humble opinion.

    The acoustic-guitar sounds a bit “hard” to me. Maybe this have to to with the pickups of the guitar? Is this a “real” acoustic guitar or a Ovation or something?

    I am very curious… Have you recorded this on Linux? With rosegarden? I am very interested in harddiskrecording on Linux.

  • piew

    Hey that rocks! 😛 Nice job! it must be on the next ubuntu release 😀

  • wam

    agree with suzan, there is something wrong with the introduction, something that sounds really strange.

    The tempo during the introduction (119) is slower that during the rest of the song(120). Not so that it creates a style, but something like a mistake. it makes the drums start sounds really disturbing 😕

  • jono

    suzan / wam – hmm I don\’t hear it myself, odd.

  • Lloyd D Budd

    I didn’t hear the hardness in the intro until after reading the comments above. Darn you Suzan and warn 😉

  • marco

    hi! i have the rumor of a metal version of the software libre song, made for you… but i don’t find it!

    regards have a lot of fun sorry by my english (hola! me llegó el rumor :) de que habías hecho una versión heavy del tema del software libre, y me gustaría escucharla!)

    marco from mar del plata…