Fuzzy feeling

You know, things like this make it all worthwhile. :)

  • http://raetsel.wordpress.com Simon Stanford


    That’s great. Excellent use of machines that “other” operating systems just wouldn’t even look at.

  • http://beerandspeech.org Simon Morris

    That is great…. But (and I feel really bad commenting on this) are those guys actually teaching children to spell? I really worry about the standards of education in the UK at the moment (being a father myself).

  • LoudMouthman

    I would love to know how they dealt with the “they need to use computers that they will use in the real world” argument. I keep getting told that. But Yay! for our side.

  • http://www.andyjshaw.com iAndy

    Wow…amazing. I’m trying to get Edubuntu into the schools I work for too, and the old machines like this are perfect! Great news, and a great success!