LinuxWorld London is kicking arse. The Ubuntu army have taken hold and there is a buzz. The Jokosher boys are spreading the love. LUGRadio won an award for Best Marketing Campaign. More later when (a) I am not drunk and (b) I have time. Out.

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  • http://www.jedimoose.org mrben

    Oh the irony!

  • http://jehaisleprintemps.net kNo’

    Congrats, guys, impressive job you made for the LRL. Will that speed up the release of the long-expected-but-yet-unseen videos of the event?

  • blue_suited

    oh it’s great, even if you did look horrendously embarrassed. But it’s true, it really spreads the word and gets OS out there, so why shouldn’t you? great seeing you and the revamped beard. Are you suffering as much as me today? x

  • https://stevebass.wordpress.com Mr b!

    Drunk!? Mr Bacon in a drinking too much incident? Filth! have one for me buddy! Hey, how come I’m the only one who ever has something relevent to comment, you know, the really important stuff?:lol:

  • http://kerneljack.wordpress.com/2006/10/26/linuxworld-2006/ kerneljack’s diary

    LinuxWorld 2006…

    LinuxWorld started yesterday here in rainy London and I had a great time! It was the first time ever that I wasn’t a visitor, but was helping out at the Jokosher stand. I did several demos of the app to tons of people and we managed to distri…

  • http://mattl.co.uk/ mattl

    Fallen asleep in any more lifts? 😉