Edgy upgrade

I just upgraded my main computer to Edgy. I have been running it for some time on my development laptop, but now my main box is up and running. It feels like a good solid release, and well done to the army of contributors who made it happen.

Like anyone, I have my favourite applications, and one such app that is critical to my working day is Rhythmbox. I listen to music all day, every day, and I absolutely love Rhythmbox. The new version in Edgy is glorious. This specific upgrade has made me particularly happy. Other notable faves for me include:

  • OpenOffice.org – Good release, faster, better multimedia support.
  • Firefox 2.0 – Ubuntu is first distro to include Firefox 2.0, and it rocks. Inline spell checking is particularly cool.
  • Evolution – My life lives in Evolution and the upgrade is awesome. Better threading, Cairo calendar events and more are keeping me happy.
  • Better Qt/KDE integration – Qt and KDE apps look better integrated in Edgy, and Scribus no longer has stupid huge fonts. :)

There are of course more important things to consider such as better hardware support, translations, performance tweaks, upstart and more, but the above are my particular faves. Now its onto Feisty, and man…is that going to kick some arse :)

  • phil

    One note about rb, the Last.FM plugin is still b0rked… never managed to submit data to my account with it :(

  • Phil Mulley

    I have had an issue with Rhythmbox ever since I installed Edgy: it does not want to play MP3s from my windows SMB share, and since I set this up as the library it will not start now either. On the main ubuntu forum I see that other people have had the same issue.