Internet people, meet Pepper, Pepper, meet the Internet people:

This is our new mini long-haired dachshund, Pepper.

My other half, Sooz, has set up a new community that tracks the fun and games of our two pups, Frankie and Pepper. Go and see mydoxiearmy. See this post for details of how we got him and how he has been getting on. :)

  • zdzichu
  • Jim

    Such a cute dog! I’ve had cats and dogs and, in the dog domain, the dachshund is one of my favorites!

  • Marcos

    OMG! SOO CUTE! 😛

  • Suzan

    Sweeeet! And Pepper is a nice name. OK, for me as a Beatles-fan he should be called Sgt. Pepper…. 😉

    I was a litte confused about the name “dachshund” which sounds german. Because, here in germany nobody knows a dograce called “dachshund”. After a little internet research I learned, a dachshund is a “dackel”. :-)

    Very funny, that you have a pet with a german name, which nobody knows in germany….

  • Jim

    Coolest Dog award!

  • curson

    OMG!! That’s the cutest puppy I’ve seen in a while! He seems to have an attitude 😉

  • Simon Ruiz

    Oh! The cuteness!…GASP!…I have been overwhelmed…flop

  • pen

    Awww… :)