Highlight your fave open musician

This is an important blog post, and everyone should read it and think about it. That includes you, who is already tempted to skip over this blog post and read bash.org. Shame on you. Think of the children….

The whole ethos behind Jokosher is about making music production simple with Open Source, but part of this process is highlighting the great work of musicians who make music that is freely available, typically under the Creative Commons. We kicked this off in Jokosher 0.1 by including everyone’s favourite 80s robot imitation, J5, in our New Project dialog box. The photo of J5 was taken at GUADEC.

So, with 0.2 coming up soon, we want to put another notable musician with this open ethos into the dialog box. This is where we need your help. Let us know (reply to this blog entry, talk to us in the IRC channel, use the mailing list, shout out of a window) which musician you feel needs highlighting, and which photo we should use of them. Naturally, this photo will need to be under the same license as Jokosher (GPL v2) for inclusion, and you just let us know exactly why that person should be chosen. How have they helped the availability of free music?

  • Pepe

    Richard Stalmman

  • http://www.welovejono.com Jono’s #1 Fan

    I vote that we put your face in the about box because you are my favourite open musican. In fact, you are my favourite musican fullstop. You have done so much for free music what with your fantastically original tunes, thought provoking lyrics and creating a piece of software that stands alone in the software world, taking ideas from no-one else, you have masterminded the most original and innovative piece of software ever. In fact, you have done so much for FREEDOM in the world. I think you should be made a saint. If Richard Stallman were to pass away, you would be the number one contender for his replacement. If only you weren’t english, then you could run for head of the UN. Then the world could see how great Jono Bacon is and we could live in a new era of peace and harmony with one another. Jono, you are the messiah who has come to bring the world together again, through your music and your software and your very being.

    Thats why I think we should see your facce everytime we open Jokosher’s about box. In fact, I’d like it even more if we could see your face when the program started up. Maybe as a splash screen it could have an animated video of you telling us a thought for the day, or a handy tip. Think about it….

  • jono


  • http://www.actsofvolition.com/ Steven Garrity

    Brad Sucks, for sure: http://www.bradsucks.net/

    Brad not only releases the stuff he records free and openly, he also release the source files of all the recordings so people can experiment. He also created the great new default sounds coming in Gaim 2.0.

  • Stoffe

    I was going here to say the same thing as Steven, Brad Sucks is an excellent example of a musician that furthers open music. Not only has he released the sources, but people have been making (some great) remixes and Brad offers those as downloads as well.

  • http://mihmo.livejournal.om Máirín

    how about the guy that runs opsound.org?

  • Daniel

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre!

  • http://estudiolivre.org/tiki-index.php Ian

    Hi Jono Have a look on estudiolivre (it means free studio)..it is a brazilian collaborative media environment who get together in real life at ‘meetings of free knowledge’ (sorry about the translation) around Brazil. There are monthly competitions for the best music/video/graphics with prizes awarded by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, a media exchange and so on. You can read some more about it here: http://wiki.whatthehack.org/index.php/Estudiolivre

  • http://tola.me.uk Ben Francis

    John Buckman of Magnatune, or his musician wife. Or Jono Bacon.

  • frenchy

    I would go with a group instead of a lonely artist (Isn’t Open Source mainly about collaborative work ?).

    The group Tryad (Creative Commons BY-SA) represent an interesting parallel with the Open Source Movement in my opinion (especially the song “my life” with many “revised versions” from different artists).