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RaccoonShow Maintainer: Apply Within

Quite a while back I wrote a little program called RaccoonShow. It takes a PDF file with a bunch of slides from a presentation, an audio file and a text files with some times, and generates a Flash animation of the presentation with the slides and audio synced. I wrote it largely for my own […]

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Fuzzy feeling

You know, things like this make it all worthwhile.

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Ton in London

Ton Roosendaal, founder of Blender and a good friend will be wandering around LinuxWorld London for a while. He will be there for the awards. Looking forward to hooking up with him.

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New Song: Voices Of Freedom

I am pleased to present my brand new song – Voices Of Freedom. I wrote this song while on holiday in Florida, and it is a nice, bouncy, acoustic song that I think is fairly catchy. A different style for me, so a bit experimental. I am quite pleased with it though. I actually wrote […]

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Small things in life amuse me greatly. Dave Morley sent this mail: how can you list hardware on an isa bus please? The rather amusing Chris Procter replied with: Dear Mr. Morley, Can we have our hardware back please? Yours sincerely, The 1980′s Arf.

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The London Jokosher stand needs YOU!

In a few weeks is LinuxWorld London and there will be a Jokosher stand there. This stand was being manned by Chris Brown and John Green, but unfortunately Chris has had to pull out. As such we are now on high alert looking for volunteers to help John with the stand. The event is on […]

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See you in Sydney in 2007

Well, in January I will be heading over to Australia for the first time as my paper How to Herd Cats and Influence People was accepted for I was pleased to get accepted, particularly with the much publicised huge number of submissions and the rather rigorous decision process. For you abstract-junkies: When talking about […]

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Headset shooters?

Dear Lazyweb. One game I love playing on my PS2 is SOCOM Navy Seals. I enjoy it for two reasons: It is a network multi-player first-person shooter with free online server access. You can use the USB headset to talk to other plays on your team to create strategic plays. Does any similar game exist […]

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Say NO to winky smilies

As someone who spends a large chunk of his life on IRC, mainly due to working with the various communities on IRC, my quality-of-IRC (QoIRC?) is pretty important. Although typically blissful in my day to day bumblings, one increasing trend seems to be sweeping IRC communities like a dose of diarrhoea at a festival… …winky […]

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Jokosher Hackfest

Well, today the growing Jokosher team met in #jokosher on and hacked on some of the remaining features planned for 0.2. There was lots of great work done today, and here are some of the highlights: Laszlo worked on the audio fade GUI and it is now pretty damn usable. Still not hooked up […]

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