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The common cure for the boring Sunday afternoon

Its Sunday…its fun…its exciting…its the Jokosher hackfest today!! Head to #jokosher on today and get involved!

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Interview on StikkitTechnology Podcast

On Friday while in Stuttgart I did an interview with nice chaps at the StikkitTechnology Podcast. In it we talk about Ubuntu, Canonical, my job, and thoughts on free software. So, you were given ears for a reason, fill ‘em with something nice! Download the Ogg or MP3!

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Holy cow, it’s the great Qt 4 book competition!

Well, thats it, its been an exausting day here in Stuttgart, and I have been trucking for around 18 hours today, but its been a really productive day. I had a really interesting discussion with some KDE people about the relationship between Canonical, Kubuntu, KDE and other free software projects, and I have a bunch […]

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KDE 10th Anniversary Event

Here I am at the 10th anniversary event for KDE and its really cool. Last night I had two, count them, two hours of sleep before my alarm went off at 3am. I get back into England at around 11pm. Its a long day, but its worth it. The energy here behind the KDE team […]

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Meetup near Stuttgart?

I will be at the Technische Akademie Esslingen in Ostfildern (near Stuttgart) all day on Friday for the 10th KDE anniversary event. If there are any Kubuntu, Ubuntu, LUGRadio, Jokosher or other Open Source people who want to meet up, post a reply here or drop me a mail.

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Jokosher Hackfest

All you need to know: Where: #jokosher on When: Sunday 15th October 2006, all day Who: Hackers, artists, docs writers, testers and anyone else We hit feature freeze for 0.2 on Nov 1st, so this is the last hackfest before then. This is a great opportunity to come along and get involved in the […]

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How to not get banned on Freenode

IRC is pretty important to my job. I spend all day, every day on it, talking to the community and working on various things. Today I wanted to double check my /away was working, so I figured I would log on twice, join a random channel and test it. So, I logged on as jono […]

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The second garage revolution

As a child of the 80s and 90s, I often look back fondly at the computers back then. Commodore 64s, Spectrums, Amigas, Amstrads, Ataris, Acorns, and a raft of consoles all bring back memories of what many people refer to as the golden age of computing. When you look back to this period of computing, […]

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Normal service is resumed

After an excellent two weeks away I am now back at work. Today is a good day to get back too – Sooz and I celebrate our 11th year together. 11 years ago I nervously asked her out at a band practise in Wootton, Bedfordshire. 11 years on I still love her as much as […]

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Drawing a line in the sand

I have a tiny little skull, and I am currently bored out of it. I am sat in Orlando International Airport with Sooz, indulged in the most tepid of pastimes – the flight delay. My plight has been bettered by a comfy chair, an Internet connection and a laptop running Ubuntu. Life is far better […]

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